The USA Is A Dream Destination For Brits Moving Abroad

27% Of Brits Listed The USA As Their Dream Destination

If you were given the opportunity to live in any country, where would you choose to go? Almost 50% of Brits have “seriously considered” moving abroad, according to a survey by international removals company Robinsons Removals.

While 54% of people surveyed claimed to have never considered moving to another country or hadn’t thought about it seriously, 46% of UK residents have given serious thought to the idea of becoming expatriates.

Interestingly, the top destinations aren’t the tropical locales or Mediterranean beach cities that you might expect. The United States ranked first on the list of dream expat destinations for Brits with 27% of the vote.

Other popular destinations for would-be British expats include Spain, which got 14 per cent of the vote, and France, which received 13 per cent. Australia, previously a favourite for British expats, fell to fourth place in the list of desirable destinations.

The Popularity Of The USA As A British Expat Destination

The United States has long been a popular destination for Brits seeking work or a different lifestyle overseas. However, its immense popularity in the survey shows that its advantages are becoming more and more appealing for many people.

Some of the biggest benefits of living in the United States includes is geographical variety and wide range of interesting cities. The language factor is also viewed as a major advantage for British expats over countries like Spain, France and Germany.

Fears of being unable to learn a foreign language was one of the biggest reasons for many survey participants being hesitant to move abroad. Two of the top five expat destinations – Australia and United States – share English as their official language.

Other appealing aspects of the United States include its large range of employment opportunities for British expats and its cost of living, which is viewed as being less than that of countries such as Australia.

European Countries Feature Prominently In The Top 10 Destinations

Although the United States was by far the most popular destination for Brits looking to move abroad, European countries featured prominently in the top 10 expatriate destinations, taking up five out of the 10 top spots.

Spain and France were the most popular European destinations, which 14 and 13 per cent of all votes, respectively. Germany and Italy were the sixth and seventh most popular destinations, earning eight and six per cent of all votes.

Proving that would-be British expats don’t only prioritise warm weather, Sweden was ranked 10th on the list of desirable destinations, drawing in one per cent of the vote.

A variety of factors influenced the popularity of European countries, including the relatively lower cost and difficulty of moving abroad and free healthcare options in these countries for British expatriates.

English Language A Major Benefit For Brits Moving Overseas

The four English-speaking countries in the Top 10 destinations – the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand – received a combined 50% of votes, indicating that language is one of the most important factors for Brits moving abroad.

Some of the most popular reasons for Brits not to consider moving abroad include the amount of planning involved, the distance from friends and family and the cost of living in another country.

Poppy Watt