Five Tips To Keep Stylish On The Slopes

Look Good On The Slopes!

Ditch the marshmallow coat this ski season because it’s never been easier to stay stylish and warm while out on the slopes, here are five ways you can remain on trend, while hopping on that ski lift or when you’re whizzing through the snow with your group…

1. Layer up

Layering is a trend we’ll be enjoying until the warmer weather arrives in 2016 and it allows you to team up numerous stylish pieces to stay on trend and warm. You should be wearing three layers when it comes to dressing for the slopes: the first being a thermal base layer to regulate body temperature and reduce moisture, plus a mid layer that traps heat and finally, a waterproof outer layer.

But don’t think that these layers need to include the noisy, unattractive skiwear you see your middle aged neighbour wear to walk his dog in when it snows. Check out Superdry’s Snow range, which features on trend pieces designed to keep you warm in the snow and looking good. For example, their Snow Wind Bomber Jacket would look amazing thrown on over the Croyde roll neck jumper, with a final layer of thermal wear underneath.

2. Hydrate and protect your skin

Sunburn, dry skin and chapped lips aren’t the most attractive of features so include some new additions to your morning beauty routine when you wake up in your chosen resort.

Apply sun cream liberally to your face – especially your nose – and carry lip salve around with you at all times to keep reapplying throughout the day. You should also be consuming plenty of water. Skiing and snowboarding might not feel like that workout you do at the gym on a Tuesday evening but it’s definitely a physical activity and you need to stay hydrated.

While this might not be a fashion tip per se, it’s definitely a way of ensuring you look stylish and prepared for the slopes – as well as guaranteeing you don’t look like a strange, dried up lobster person in the evening when you head to the bar for drinks.

3. Include faux fur

Fur is having its time in the spotlight once again – just ensure if you buy into this trend you pick up the faux kind. One of the simplest and most stylish ways of incorporating faux fur into your look for the slopes is a comfy headband, which should keep your ears toasty too. You could also consider incorporating some shearling into your layered look, with a mid layer jacket featuring the material on the collar and cuffs.

4. Find fitted trousers

Forget the frumpy, oversized ski trousers of the past and opt for a sleeker, fitted style this ski season to stay stylish and comfortable. Opt for a trouser with a stirrup leg to stop any riding up while you head down the slopes and definitely look for a pair that is waterproof. Not only will they fit into your boots much more easily but they’ll also fit better on your body and offer some stretch when you pick yourself up or need to readjust your skis.

5. Feature some Fair Isle

This is a pattern that never seems to go out of fashion and comes round again every winter as it reminds us of snowy landscapes, crackling fires and hot chocolate with marshmallow – and hey, you’ll be enjoying all these things on your ski holiday! It’s easy to include a Fair Isle print in the form of a jumper or a stylish headband or gloves, to stay on trend on the slopes.

Sophie Davidson