Places to Visit on a Girl’s Holiday

Hawaii sunset

Best Places in America to Visit on a Girl’s Holiday

A girl’s holiday is a rite of passage, especially after finishing college or university. It’s time to unwind and finish the year with memories you’ll never forget. America is the dream destination for a girl’s holiday as there’s so much variety and so many things to do. The lifestyle is relaxed, the food is good. What more does a girl need? Before you go make sure you’ve checked your documents are in order and completed an ESTA application form to get your Visa in time. These are the top places to go in America for your girl’s holiday.


For a taste of island life, Hawaii is the perfect destination. There are stunning white sandy beaches and palm forests on all of Hawaii’s islands. Oahu is one of the most popular islands for young travellers because of the mix of beach life and buzzing nightlife available. Wherever you chose to go you can guarantee a Hawaiian girl’s holiday offers the perfect amount of chilling on the beach and more adventurous activities. You can do everything from water sports, like canoeing or surfing, to zip lining through the jungle! In the evenings, expect beach bbq’s with local food or head to the many clubs and bars to dance the night away.

Los Angeles

A west coast road trip is the dream girl’s holiday. If you are cruising through California, stopping off in the glamourous city of L.A is essential. You’ll feel like you’ve walked straight into a movie set. Everywhere you turn there are palm-lined beaches and endless bars and clubs. You might even spot a few famous faces if you take a trip to Hollywood for that iconic Hollywood sign selfie! The famous Venice Beach is unmissable for lazy days with your friends. A walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame is another highlight for any fangirls in the group.

New York

New York is a great girl’s holiday destination because there’s so much to do. One of the most popular reasons to take a holiday in New York is for shopping. Exploring the giant Macy’s and Bloomingdales is like stepping into another world. You’ll find supersized versions of all your favourite stores along the avenues, so make sure you leave plenty of space in your suitcase. After a long day of spending, you can chill in central park before getting glammed up for a fancy meal or Broadway show in the evening.


For the ultimate chilled girl’s holiday, Florida is perfect. It’s so hot you’ll basically spend all day beside the pool with a cocktail in hand. If you get tired of being poolside (unlikely as that is!) there are loads of days out and fun things to do. Try swimming with dolphins in Discovery Cove or braving the huge rides at Disney World and Universal Studios. There is plenty of good food and no shortage of bars in Florida. So whatever you chose to do you’ll make memories in Florida with your friends.

Poppy Watt