The Disney classic was a highlight of 90s animation and the transition from big screen to live theatre is in the main a successful one.

Adults and families alike are in for a treat with this magical show that relies heavily on the music and energy of the original movie.

The premise is a simple one. Aladdin is a boy brought up in poverty who loses his heart to the princess Jasmine and with the help of a magical genie, pits his wits against the evil vizier.

Infused with humour and a sense of pantomime this lavish story is inventively brought to the stage with impressive special effects and a cast that delivers.

Dean John-Wilson is a roguish but likeable Aladdin and Jade Ewen is a fiery Jasmine. The couple complement each other well on stage. Trevor Dion Nicholas as the genie is larger than life and bursting with charisma but I’m not sure anyone can truly better the genius of Robin Williams from the original move.  The villains also leave their mark with Don Gallagher proving an excellent vizier.

London has a wealth of quality shows to choose from but Aladdin commits itself well, proving it can sit comfortably in the same company.

Aladdin showing at the Prince Edward Theatre and for more information visit the website here.

George R Vaughan