Horoscopes with Women Talking

It looks like the main thing many of you out there really need to concentrate your efforts on this month is shedding a little of that extra weight that seems to have built up since last year. And before you throw up a whole of host of excuses, take a little time out to consider who you’re really trying to fool here. You’re appetite has increased and there is something behind that. It seems there is an underlying worry dictating your current behaviour and you need to address the root cause of this before you can move on. Dieting and exercise will only offer part of the solution. For the real answer, you may have to dig a whole lot deeper.

Taureans love to be in love! They are driven by that feeling of passion and excitement and enjoy the chase more than possibly any other sign. However, the true trick with the bull is to keep their interest after the chase has concluded because they are also a sign that can be easily distracted if they don’t believe they are the centre of a lover’s universe. If a current relationship has left you feeling anxious then talk about the issues to hand rather than prepare yourself to gallop away. This time around you could have discovered something really special and you shouldn’t lose it out of anxiety or fear of the future.

You have never been the most romantic of signs but for a great many of you that is simply because you’ve never really been properly romanced. Well, this February that might all be about to change as someone waltzes into your life and promises to really show you a good time! The first occasion you meet him there will be a definite attraction between the two of you and you will be impressed by his passion and energy. Just make sure you don’t get too carried away by the excitement of it all because love is a lot more than a Valentine’s Day date but it is a great place to start!

At this time in your lives, many of you may not be ready for a full blown commitment when it comes to a relationship so if you are having doubts about a partner’s recent admission that he would like to settle down, perhaps you need to pull on the reigns a little. If you still feel you want to have fun then make your wishes known to him rather than allow him to continue in the belief that you both share the same wishes. It doesn’t mean anything has to change between you, in fact if anything, it gives you more time to plan for when you really are ready to take that plunge!

Your romantic world is swimming in contradiction and confusion at the moment. Part of you wants to be with the person you are currently dating and part of you still has doubts about whether the person in question really has the capacity to commit to you long term. Added to this, a face from the past is likely to make an appearance in your life around Valentine’s Day and you’re going to quickly realise that all those feelings you thought you’d shed for this partiular person are still lurking somewhere deep inside you. It’s going to be an interesting time for you in February!

You are a sensitve and sensual sign beneath that rather cool exterior and it takes a particular kind of individual to identify your true nature. Many people have tried but ultimately failed in the past so although you are a romantic at heart, your belief in matters of love could have taken a bit of a battering and now seems a little jaded. Fortunately, someone is going to come along and “band aid” those bruised emotions, bringing you back to life again and back into the world of the living romantics! Look out for a light suit and a grey flecked mop of dark hair as a clue to his identity.

You may not be the most articulate of signs but even you know the words required here to solve the burning issue of your life at the moment. It’s quite easy to see that for many of you, a current relationship has just about run its course and now it’s time for a change. Your love affair with someone falling under the sign of Gemini has driven you to the edge and you have to find the courage to tell the person in question that it’s finally all over. Change is never your favourite word at the best of times but if you are to progress beyond this mess then the only way is to effect it in your relationship.

If a busy schedule and a hectic work load have started to take their toll then why not consider a trip away? Just recently you’ve been throwing your weight around and upsetting so many people with your often unreasonable demands that it’s not just you who needs a holiday: it’s everyone around you as well. So take that well-deserved rest and give yourself a chance to recharge the batteries because you running on empty will help no one. On the home front there may also be a major decision to make considering the sale of a property so be sure to assess the matter when you have sufficient time to devote to it. This needs a good bit of thought.

February could see a few obstacles thrown in your way concerning a planned purchase and you may come close to blowing your top completely when you realise the full extent of what’s been going on. It seems that someone has been leading you on a merry dance with the promise of something that was never going to have a realistic chance of being achieved and it will leave you feeling a bit of a fool. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom and there is the chance for a few smiles on the 16th when a relative turns up unexpectedly with some good news to lift your spirits and put everything back into perspective again.

Just when you thought things were moving along in your favour prepare to come back down to earth with a bump this month as your usual lucky nature deserts you. It seems that a loose end you left untied several weeks back has returned to haunt you and there is likely to be little you can do about it now, save to face the music and hope for the best. Your natural charm and quick-thinking nature could help ease the full impact but it’s not going to be an easy ride for the next month. If nothing else, this lesson will teach you to be a lot more vigilant in the future. On the family front, watch out for a relative with a chip on their shoulder around the 12th who seeks to deceive you financially.

When you want to be, you are the king of the charmers. You can convince the most cynical people to follow your lead which is just as well since this month you will be handed the task of promoting a new company product and the future of your position may rest upon just how successful you are. If you put your business brain into gear this should be a piece of cake and the rewards could be significant. However, you should beware of complacency and try not to take things for granted. The most satisfying successes are the ones you work for. If it comes easy then it is often never appreciated and that’s what you need to bear in mind if things ever get sticky over the next few weeks.

If you’re thinking about a change of career or tackling a new role at work, just make sure you have all the facts to hand before you commit in any way. Ever the dreamer, you often take on a great deal more than you can chew only to be stressed out later by the consequences. Whilst it might be completely understandable that you want to spread your wings a little, you’ve got to be sure that anything you do will end up of benefit to yourself rather than someone else. Evaluate everything and negotiate to the last. If a relationship appears to have hit a sticky patch, think about something quirky to liven things up a little.

Lilly Light