Scope with Lilly Light

New year, new you as you look to implement the changes you have been contemplating over the last few months. Much of this has been driven by doubts and fears over a relationship, although this has more to do with the unhappiness of a partner rather than any issues on your part. Although you have tried everything in your power, you seem unable to offer the person concerned a true sense of security and you can see that he or she is close to breaking point. The answer is to listen a little more to what they are telling you and then act on that. You can only work as a unit if both of you are moving in the same direction.

You have been putting in a great deal of hard work over the last few months and whilst you may be reaping the rewards to a degree, there is still so much more you can achieve. Others may be taking the credit for what you have done so you need to assert yourself and claim not only all the recognition but also the financial gains that come with it. In matters of love, you have never probably been closer to the person dearest to your heart so if you sense there is something wrong with your partner, don’t be afraid to ask what it might be. Communication is the key.

After a strenuous year, you can look forward to a little relief in 2018 and the prospect of a long holiday will never have seemed so inviting. Consequently, put some time aside to get away from it all and just relax. You have been stretching yourself over the last few months and although you might not realise it, your batteries are nearly on empty. You won’t be able to go much further even if you want to. For a few of you, this break might even see a new romance begin and a young man or woman with bright blue eyes and a charming smile is set to dramatically change your life.

If you have been thinking about making a long-term commitment with a partner, just make sure it is really what you want. If you are not ready to share the responsibilities of life with someone else then think twice about entering into any kind of binding agreement. Just because it might seem like the thing to do at the moment, that doesn’t mean it is! Sometimes you have to look beyond the immediate future to the day after tomorrow. Is this person the one you really see yourself growing old with? If you can’t respond with a positive “yes” then perhaps you already have your answer.

The next few weeks are set to be a period of reflection for you as you come to terms with past actions, which still snap at your conscience from time to time. You will also be given the opportunity to make amends and if you feel you have been unfair in a situation then now is the time to make amends. If you leave it too much longer then it may be too late. On the home front concerns over finances could force you into having to take out a loan. Just make sure you don’t overestimate on the repayments otherwise things could turn out to be quite tough for the first part of 2018.

You have been inundated with work recently and whilst it has kept you very busy and ensured that the money keeps flowing in, you may have found that you’ve neglected a loved one in the process. Naturally, your career is very important to you but just remember that without those people close by who have helped make your ambitions a reality you might not have gone so far so quickly so make sure you show them some gratitude. A relative may come to you around the start of the month looking for advice concerning a delicate family matter and you may be surprised by what they tell you.

Your sign can be a very political animal when it needs to be and there is plenty to suggest that you will be required to exercise some of these skills over the coming weeks as you become embroiled in a power struggle in the workplace. Choose your side well and make sure those around you can be trusted because there is an underbelly of dishonesty you will need to overcome if you’re to succeed. Beware a blonde woman with very dark eyes who could be planning to bring you down even now. Make sure you are aware of her every move because she is the main threat to your stability.

Christmas may have been a little bit of a tight affair for you and the New Year may also initially bring a number of challenges but look beneath the surface and things will not be as bad as they seem. Matters are set to pick up and there is the chance for a complete turnaround in your fortunes – so long as you are sensible. The last remnants of the festive season could spill over into a party around the early part of January and as you are never one to shy away from a celebration, you will be letting your hair down well into 2018. Just be sure to remember when it is time to stop!

You might find that a new relationship which has been moving along quite well up until now suddenly takes a turn towards the unexpected after you and a partner end up spending a week together and you discover something that throws you completely off course. Whilst very few people reveal everything about themselves at the start, this particular problem may not be something you can accept as having been kept hidden and there are likely to be a few fireworks when it all comes out in the open. Before you go any further you need to ask yourself just what you feel for the person in question and whether you’re prepared to make the sacrifices required to go.

If you have been feeling down recently then you will be pleased to read that things will look up for you over the coming weeks - even if you can’t see it at the moment.  Your main concerns are likely to be about career and the home, with both in a bit of a mix up at the moment. You need to make a couple of strong resolutions for the New Year and stick to them. Things have been moving along well but you may be so close to matters that you just can’t see that. In 2018 it will become plainly obvious to both you and those around you and then the fun can really start.

A loved one has been reliant on your support for the last few months and now, as they are better equipped to stand on their own two feet again, they are looking to make it up to you. Because of this, you can look forward to a surprise of some kind that may leave you feeling very emotional. At work, a colleague may present you with an opportunity to change direction and you should consider this. Some of you may be troubled with a back complaint and you should be quick to address this with a doctor since treatment will be required in some form.

The very nature of your sign dictates that it doesn’t take much for you to get flustered and if an orderly plan comes off the rails then you are usually only ever a few steps away from a state of panic. So, when a big family event you have been organising suddenly hits a last-minute hitch, the alarm bells are set to begin ringing and your feathers will be ruffled in an effort to get things back on track. Perhaps you should think about delegation. I know you believe it is important to prove to others that you can do this thing alone but it won’t hurt to have a little help on board. You will be able to achieve a lot more as part of a team.

Lilly Light