Scope with Lilly Light

With the fingers of desire beginning to wane on a current love affair, you need to question whether the person you have been drawn towards actually wants you as much as you want him or her. The harsh reality may not be one you wish to confront nor accept but you must do, regardless. You have been kidding yourself for long enough and if you’re not happy with the rules of the game then now’s the time to leave the playing field.

Things have progressed well through this year and it looks as if those of you who took a chance and chased your dreams will have made some significant progress throughout 2017. However, there is still plenty of hard work ahead and although you are not afraid to pull your weight for something you desire, just make sure you don’t overdo it! The year ahead offers even greater opportunity but you need to be in the right frame of mind to meet it.

The time has come for you to face up to a long-standing dispute and try to resolve it because things have gone on far too long as they are. Sometimes it is the better person who can swallow their pride and make the first move so stop being so stubborn and take matters into your own hands. You will feel a lot better about the situation if you do. Money wise there could be an unforeseen expense involving the car so make sure there’s a little left in the pot because this rainy days is just around the corner.

Your thoughts are still with an old flame that you cannot seem to get out of your head and this is having a negative impact on your life since it is obstructing any progress you might hope to make with a new partner. Admittedly, your current situation is not all you might have hoped it would be but you need to give things time to grow. At the moment, you are so obsessed with the past that you are choking any chance of your present situation being a success. Let go!

You have been stretching yourself financially for sometime now and it seems that you have finally arrived at breaking point this month as you cannot put off the inevitable any longer. What you need is expert advice and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak to someone about it. There is no sense in bearing this burden alone and trying to sweep the problem under the carpet is not going to solve anything. The sooner you get this out in the open, the sooner you can bring a little peace of mind back into your life.

This month you will receive some excellent news concerning your current role within the workplace and promotion looks set to give you good reason to celebrate. However, your gain is inevitably someone else’s loss and you should prepare to face some opposition from a jealous colleague who feels they were more deserving of the success than you. On the relationship front, a partner may surprise you with some news concerning a move but you will be encouraged by their plans.

Your sometimes-brash behaviour is set to get you in hot water again this month as you upset a family member and set the ball rolling in something that could develop into a heated dispute. You never seem to learn that sometimes it is best to keep your opinion to yourself – especially in more delicate matters – and until you do, you’re going to suffer a lot more situations like this. On the relationship front, a loved one might be a bit prickly because of problems at work so try and be understanding.

You are sometimes accused of not seeing things through to the end. However, in the coming weeks you will prove to many of the doubters around you that – when the occasion calls for it – you can take a task past the finish line if it inspires you enough. And there is no shadow of a doubt that in the case of one particular goal or ambition, you will not be swayed from your course. On the relationship front you could hear from an ex-partner whose surprise appearance may cause unexpected stirrings!

If only you could listen to your heart a little more rather than always follow the logical route then you might be surprised by what you discover. It seems that someone close by has amorous intentions towards you and yet their efforts thus far have passed by unnoticed. Take a step back from the industry and mechanics of the world and you might be surprised to discover that there are others things beyond the framework of the logical world you generally gravitate towards.

Things have been improving all the time on the relationship front since you suffered a slight dip a few months back and it seems that any problems you and a loved did encounter have now been completely ironed out. This offers the promise of better days ahead and as we move towards the New Year you can feel confident that your partner is as committed to the union as you are. There’s a really exciting New Year waiting for you in 2018 so look ahead with confidence.

You have been struggling with unsavory elements in the work place recently; people who seem intent on making your life difficult. This has left you with a testing predicament on your hands: do you stay and fight your corner or do you look for an alternative job and the promise of a more balanced life. The choice can’t be made by anyone else, but you need to weigh up both options carefully. Whatever you do will have a significant effect on those closest to you so be sure to consult loved ones first. 

Your loyalty to a close friend will be supremely tested this month as you discover a secret that may compromise your long-term relationship with the person concerned. You have a difficult decision to make: do you confront your friend and risk everything or do you keep quiet and hope it all goes away. Sooner or later you’ll have to choose but whichever way you go, the outcome is set to cause you major headaches over the coming weeks. Right now, the best thing for you would be to get away completely! 

Lilly Light