A Passion for Las Vegas Fashion


With websites like SuperCasino offering increasingly realistic gambling experiences, with live dealers being streamed direct to your living room, the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas’s infamous strip has never been more accessible. So why not match this authentic online experience with some equally fabulous Vegas-style additions to your wardrobe. With online casino parties becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to update your wardrobe with some staple pieces straight from the dusty desert of Nevada.

Things that Glitter

Las Vegas is all about light, if it be the flash of neon or the glow of chandeliers you need an outfit that is going to sparkle. If you're always up for a party and love nothing more than getting on the dance floor then a sequinned mini-dress is what you need. The short length won't limit you from busting out your best moves and the layers of sequins will create gorgeous waves of light as you shimmer across the room. If you don't fancy working up a sweat and more envision yourself gliding across the lobby like a classic Hollywood starlet, then why not go for a floor-length gown encrusted with rhinestones. Pick a floaty number in a pastel shade, the lightness of the material means that the dress will gently ripple as you move, the rhinestones catching the light elegantly as you enter the room. Both understated yet confident, this dress of subtle elegance will make you sparkle both inside and out.

Chunky and Funky Jewellery

We have all begrudgingly accepted the notion that less is more but don't you sometimes feel that those subtle gold studs or elegant silver chain is missing something? Don't you sometimes wish you could be dripping in jewels or be encased in gold? Well, with Las Vegas style you can! A huge glittering necklace or pair of bold colourful earrings is practically uniform in Nevada, so don't go letting the side down. Statement jewellery, when paired with a subtle LBD or a silky shirt, is the perfect embellishment to your outfit that will show everyone what a fun, vibrant and confident person you are.

Don't be Clutch-ing at Straws

Whilst we all love our sturdy statement handbags that are both fashionable and practical, Las Vegas is all about the clutch. Ideally you want to find one that is long and thin, elegant and classic. Make sure that your clutch is neither so petite that it becomes impractical or so large that you cannot comfortably hold it. Small but intricate details are important, a statement buckle or interestingly textured material, like snakeskin, will make all the difference. Like with shoes, you want something that enhances rather then distracts from the rest of your outfit. If you're still struggling to find the perfect clutch, why not hunt through your local vintage store and find a classic 50's clutch with a silky interior. Or, for the creative individuals amongst you, why not embellish a basic clutch with rhinestones or sequins to really get that authentic Las Vegas look. 

Mary Duggan