Keep Control this Christmas with Kurio Tab Advance

Kurio Tab Advance

Tired of your kids stealing your phone or tablet and watching them drop it on the kitchen floor?

Worried that when you hand them your device to entertain them in a restaurant or on a car journey they may be accessing stuff you wouldn’t want them to see?

Concerned that with their own device they’ll spend all hours of the day and night on it?

Well, here’s the answer in time for Christmas, the Kurio Tab Advance, their very own tablet which is child friendly, completely safe for their use and has a time restriction facility.

You’ll need a Google account to download apps, which is pretty simple, and child friendly settings will give you loads of apps for downloading from the play store.

The tablet is “splashproof” and comes with a rubber case which will hopefully prevent all but the most determined little monster’s breakages.

You can set up to eight profiles and create parental and children’s profiles. You can then also restrict their time spent on the device by using the time control authorising time slots and set a limit of daily playing time.

Web access is configured for each separate profile so you can easily llmit your child’s access and filter websites by categories, with a default based on your child’s age.

Selling at less than £100, in pink or blue, take a look at

Patricia McLoughlin