Five great app games for women

Times are changing, predominantly due to the smartphone revolution.

Five great app games for women

Today, statistics show that there are more female gamers than male. Although this has been the case for the past three to four years, it has taken game developers, who are still predominantly male, a while to wake up and smell the coffee.

A look at the biggest game releases will still show a preponderance of first person action shooters. You know the ones, where you adopt the persona of a muscle-bound warrior type, all bad breath and testosterone, and the only female character in sight is somewhere tied to a railway line awaiting rescue.

The times, however, are a-changin, predominantly due to the smartphone revolution. The rise in mobile gaming has coincided with the industry getting wise to the new dynamic among gamers, and this means that while the console market still seems aimed squarely at the boys and their toys, there are some great game apps out there for everybody. Here are five of the best.

1) Farmville

Let’s get this out of the way up front – Farmville is the game brought social gaming to the masses. Not only is it enormously popular among women, it was also designed by one of the most influential female designers in the industry, Chelsea Howe. It might be getting on for ten years old now, but Farmville still has an enormous following, and the ability to play it via a mobile app means you need never be late harvesting that crop of carrots again.

2) Bejeweled

This classic gem-matching game was described by Games Magazine as “possibly the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever.” There are a myriad similar games out there, but the original and best features all the play modes you could wish for, along with some stunning graphic effects.

3) Fruit blast

From vegetables to fruit, this game taps into the surge in popularity in the Uk for online slot games over recent years. It has standard slot machine features, meaning you can win some real money, which is definitely a bonus, and is available via a number of the most popular online casinos. With eight different bonus games, you won’t tire of it quickly, and it is the perfect blend between a traditional slot and a skill-based game like Candy Crush.

4) Golden Goddess

Another variation on the ever-popular slots theme, but with a distinctly feminine twist, this game has garnered a cult following thanks to extensive TV advertising from the online casinos. However, it succeeds in living up to its hype, and features some significant payout options, making it one of the most successful slot games out there.

5) Bakery Story

A simulator game in the Farmville genre, Bakery Story allows you to run your own virtual bakery. It is not just about making the cakes, you will also need to take care of the interior décor to make the place attractive to customers, and get their orders out on time to ensure they remain loyal. The game is free to download and unlike some of its kind.

A World of Apps:

There is a world of amazing apps out-there, although, we all have different tastes these five are some of our top pics.

Poppy Watt