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Breegan Jane

Breegan Jane is an innovative interior designer and entrepreneur from Southern California. When she is not adorning and adding touches to interior spaces, Breegan enjoys curating special moments with her two energetic boys and hosting her radio broadcast, Mom Life, Yo. We caught up with her to find out a little more….

How did you first get involved with interior design?
“When I was 10, I found a way to design and construct a pair of shoes for myself because they didn’t make heels for girls my age. In elementary school, I loved making dioramas and excelled at it so much that a teacher gave me a ‘B’, citing that she didn’t believe I’d completed the project alone and that it looked as if I’d had help from a parent. The examples abound; I have always had a creative spirit. It didn’t take long for me to discover that when a task involved creating anything structurally, I would happily go above and beyond. Often, we fail to realize that our dreams have actual real-world applications. For me, that didn’t occur until my professional life and talents collided. I was someone else’s employee designing trade show booths or redesigning properties as an estate manager when I recognized not only my proficiency in design, but my love for it as well.”

What did you want to be when you were a child?
“I wanted to be a neonatal nurse. Even as a child, I loved kids. I babysat for anyone who would let me, and I proved to be good with babies and kids of all ages. I remember being really young and saying that I wanted to be the nurse who got to spend all her time in the room with the incubators holding all the new babies. When I grew older, I discovered what the job was called and also what it entailed. Reality and adulthood set in, and upon learning that these nurses work with some of the most medically challenging cases in premature infants, which sometimes meant dealing with death daily, my desire shifted. I loved babies so much that I knew my heart wasn’t cut out to do that job. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I love being a mom so much, however. Building a mommy community with and Mom Life Yo, and surrounding myself with my friends’ children has allowed me an opportunity to harness my maternal instinct in ways that feel true to the heart of the Breegan then and now.”

Tell us a little about your new Mom Life Yo mobile app?
“The Mom Life Yo app is wonderful because we’re not limited by locale. We have a built-in audience through DASH Radio, and we’re able to reach listeners worldwide. The app further enhances a feature topping our priorities: convenience! We wanted to be able to expand listenership with the ability to access the show in one easy step. The app does that seamlessly.”

You also host a radio show. What is the radio show's focus?
“Our show is the ultimate mommy safe space. In high school teachers would begin the year telling the class not to be afraid to raise hands because there were no dumb questions. Try and try as the teachers did, we were all still afraid to raise our hands. My co-host T and I believed our local area and community began to feel much like a high school classroom, but with moms in place of students. Not only were people not proverbially raising their hands, they weren’t allowed into certain groups. It all felt unfortunate and unnecessary, so we decided to create a space that allowed moms to voice unpopular opinions and ask questions. We talk about real things happening behind the scenes of mommyhood and the comedy existing inside of it all. Mom Life Yo is support, camaraderie, laughter and education rolled into one neat, inclusive package. We’re extremely proud of it.”

What is the America of 2017 like for you at the moment?
“2017 has been polarizing for Americans. It feels a bit heavy and challenging for numerous reasons, but it’s also been resurgent in several ways. The abundance of tumult and controversy has had an interesting way of bringing certain groups of people together that feels reminiscent of the 1970s movements many of us idolized. Without romanticizing the unrest in our world currently, I can acknowledge that people band together during times of crisis and hardship–evident in worldwide marches and rallies. 2017 has started conversations that were overdue and made it impossible to turn a blind eye to the beliefs we all hold and need to stand on. People aren’t succumbing to fear tactics once used to suppress and silence. We’re using the wealth of resources available as agents of support and change, and those are the parts of 2017 that shine a little light in times that can sometimes feel bleak.”

Who on your client roster have you most enjoyed working with?
“What I enjoy about my client list is that it spans the gamut of people and industries, each requiring a different stretch of my designer muscles. If I’m working with a musician, the studio space must be treated exactly as the impression it represents to that client: something heartfelt and personal. I get to create an atmosphere that feels authentic to the client and requires me to explore my world as a designer. If my celebrity client’s home necessitates a theatre with cinematic particulars integral to his career, that space becomes my canvas, and my palate is broadened once more. I enjoy the challenge each project brings. With every opportunity my creativity and skills acquire a valuable sharpening. I feel very blessed that anonymity and trust have both played a role in earning me clients who perhaps wouldn’t collaborate with most other designers.”

Who would be someone you hope to one day work with?
“Surprisingly, it wouldn’t be a person, but a project. One of the things I would love to do that I haven’t yet experienced is hotel design. I love the idea of creating a home away from home, and I’ve been able to do that with restaurant design; but hotel design encompasses that in an entirely different way. Everything from considering the expanse of personalities of visitors who visit hotels to bar and lounge areas requiring conversation pieces would challenge me immensely. Hotels are wrought with over-the-top design and endless possibility. Thoughts of high ceilings, dramatic entryways and the boldest wallpaper I could find dance in my mind and leave me with stars in my eyes. That would be a dream project.”

Do you ever hope to expand your brand and reach to the UK?
“Definitely! As an American designer, one of the things I envy about the UK is its history! The UK has ancient architecture in the buildings and design that you can’t find here in the US. Perhaps I’m pedestalizing the beauty in it all, but I would love to try my hand at design opportunities there.”

What do you do outside of work and being a single mother to keep yourself occupied?
“I’m a true Venice Beach girl, and I love to ride my bike. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I also love DJing. While I don’t always have the time to do it nowadays, music is still very much a part of my life.”

What plans for the rest of 2017 do you have both professionally and personally?
“I’ve really enjoyed spending a lot of time on my blog and sharing my thoughts and experiences from a vulnerable place. It continues to push me, both with Mom Life Yo and with my personal brand, to find my authentic self and embrace that. I have plans to begin new product development this year, and I’m thrilled about that opportunity! Aside from that, I intend to channel all my energy into everything “mommy”, from my radio show to the blog and, most of all, being at home with my sons.”

What is your ultimate life-long dream/goal?
“I dream of a beautiful, care-free life, living by a beach with my children. Living in a coastal community anywhere in the world is pricey, and I’ve long been aware of the level of financial success required to do so comfortably. My goal is to cultivate a brand that endures and affords me economic stability and intrinsic happiness. Trendy things come and go, but a brand created from the person you truly are adapts and lasts. I’m working towards that incessantly.”

For more information on Breegan Jane visit her website here.

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