Win a game from Drumond Park

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Win a game from Drumond Park

Only a few months to go for Christmas, and it’s time to start checking out ideas for the children which are really worthwhile, and will give hours and hours of enjoyment rather than being put at the bottom of the toy box once the parcel has been unwrapped! 

New Shark Bite from Drumond Park (age 4+, rrp £24.99) is tabletop game of dexterity and skill, which will do, wonders for the little ones’ all-important fine motor skill, without them even knowing it!

The mechanical shark’s mouth is set to open and 12 pieces of yummy Fish Food are put within the gaping jaws.  A roll of the dice determines how many fish young players have to catch, using the fishing rod. But watch out… because at any time, the shark can snap his jaws shut - and then they lose all their fish!

The tension builds as everyone takes turns to hook ‘em out… Then come the inevitable squeals of horror and delight when the shark’s mouth snaps shut! That means that player has lost all his or her fish, and is out of the round!  Play continues round the table – and of course, the player with the most fish at the end of the game is the winner!

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Poppy Watt

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Competition Winner

Congratulations to Carol from Cornhill on Tweed for winning this great prize.