Home Design

Porcupine Rocks is an African interiors studio selling an inspirational collection of handmade
Space Saving Tricks
Space Saving
As spring approaches many people will be thinking of de-cluttering their homes. You could be
Kitchen Bliss
Make That Kitchen Beautiful
You look at your tired cabinets and decide it's time to give your kitchen a much-needed make over
Colour Psychology
Have you noticed your mood changing based on your surroundings?
Have you noticed your mood changing based on your surroundings? From colour to natural light, a
The Fairest Of Them All
For All Your Mirror Needs - Mirrordeco
From the first ‘looking glass’ of 6000BC, the humble mirror has transformed in modern times to
A Box For Frocks!
Make it perfect make it yours!
Because nobody wants a “floordrobe”. Once upon a time a walk-in wardrobe would have been
A Time To Study!
A Time To Study!
Since 1998, the number of stay at home workers has increased by 2 million, with the majority of
Photogenic Gardens!
Photogenic Gardens
A recent survey about Important Places in the Home from Worldstores.co.uk has found that 9 out of
Energy Efficiency
How Energy Efficient Are You?
If you’re wondering whether your home is energy efficient or not, you might want to get an energy
Floral Wallpapers
A floral wallpaper can really create atmosphere
Are the dark winter days getting you down? Are you just getting over the indulgences of the winter