Victoria Stainow

Ceramic Lamp & Side Table

Victoria Stainow is currently working with new designers to champion their work and create new bespoke pieces for her furniture and lighting collections.  Her latest collaboration is with Caitriona Manoury an Irish ceramist now based in Provence.  

Caitriona's method of making is hand-building to create exuberant, sculptural pieces that are also functional.  She has created this whimsical side table and lamp for Victoria's collection. Both pieces can be produced in bespoke colours and sizes. 

Victoria Stainow began creating bespoke furniture and lighting for a small group of English and American designers in 2009 and went on to launch her own furniture and lighting collections in 2012.  Several of the pieces are inspired by Modern Art and Interior Design from the mid 20th Century, particularly France, an interest she developed whilst working at Sotheby’s for over 16 years.  Victoria works with artisan designers both in the UK and France to create her highly distinctive designs.

A number of pieces from Victoria Stainow's bespoke furniture and lighting collections are now on show at Jennifer Manners' newly opened, contemporary rug showroom:  52 Pembroke Road, Kensington, W8 6NX 

You can view the whole collection at

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