Update your home with tiles

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Update your home with tiles.

Tiles have long been commonplace in the home, but more and more people are using them as a way to decorate and add a new colour and feel to your surroundings.

We are now selecting tiles for a multitude of uses in the home and garden. As well as the traditional floors, tiles are the chosen choice of décor for splash backs, tabletops and even the walls. Some crafty people are using mosaic and Moroccan tiles to upcycle old furniture too.

Depending upon your style tiles aren't just limited to block colours – there has been a rising trend of using designed ones, as well as creating 'rugs' on the floor using patterned tiles.

Even the shapes are changing, with a rising trend of people opting to arrange rectangular tiles in a herringbone pattern or hexagon shapes to create a honeycomb effect.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can lift your home using tiles...

  • Try creating a feature wall in your home using bright or bold tiles.
  • Creating a 'rug' using tiles can be a great way of creating spaces in the home, and adding colour and interest to a room. They would also work well for the outdoors by defining separate areas within a space, for example a dining area outside.
  • Tiles are a great way of creating geometric patterns, so why not use the patterns to decorate a wall?

Otto Tiles are based in London, Zurih and Istanbul where the exotic east meets modern west, bringing together new technology with old world techniques.

In the Iznik tradition, Otto Tiles celebrate nature: it's glorious flowers, its feast of vegetables, and its flowing forms. They are ardently eco-friendly. Their cement tiles and pigments are made of natural ingredients. Moreover, unlike ceramic tiles, which require very high temperature kilns blasting for up to 30 hours, their production method is close to zero on fossil-fuel use. Avoiding this cost and eliminating all waste also contributes to their competitive pricing.


Individually hand crafted by our artisans without using clay, glazes or kilns. Instead we use high quality Turkish cement sand with natural stones granule and color pigments. Each tile is hand-pressed to apply the coloured design, each mould having been designed by our ateliers.


Feel the opulence and beauty of the East. Imagine the decadent colours and intricate designs of the Sultan's palace or harem in your own home or commercial space


Imagine waking up every morning to Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” or showering with Sandro Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus” Otto experienced artists can hand paint any design or artwork directly on to the tiles at any size. Liven up your bathroom, kitchen or even toilets with beautiful ceramic tile artwork.

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Poppy Watt