The Appliance Larder

The Appliance Larder

The latest kitchen must have!

As my design career grows so do my clients’ wish lists. From islands and steam ovens to instant boil taps every client of mine seems to have the same kitchen desires. This year more and more of my clients are asking for an “appliance larder”. I've nicknamed it this as "coffee cupboard" began to grate on me after I'd heard it 100 times.

"I want somewhere the kids can make toast and my parents can make coffee. Somewhere out the way, so they aren't under my feet. Then when they're done I can just hide it away." A kitchen solution for cleanliness. Less clutter, more storage, and extra workspace.

This clever larder has transformed the traditional chefs larder from just spice racks and tin shelves to a workstation. If you can afford to splash out this can be something really special. Fold away doors aren't cheap but allow you to open and slide away the doors, thus giving you a true work surface dedicated to your blenders, coffee machines and other bulky appliances that can look messy on your kitchen side.

Spend a little extra and add a work surface inside, add power and lights and this will become not only a feature but make your kitchen twice as functional. A couple of internal drawers, a utensil insert and shelving for mugs will give you a perfect space for guests or teens to make themselves a cuppa without getting in the way of you and your gourmet cooking!

Don't fret though, If you're on a tighter budget you don't have to have an all singing all dancing larder. Traditional cupboard doors can work just as well and keep your fixed shelf instead of a Stone or Quartz top. Internals usually come at a price, so request that the shelves above your "work surface" to be shallower giving you head room. No more tamber units, this is ultimate solution for the modern kitchen as we become obsessive over minimalist designs, and clutter free spaces. 

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Kristie Vance