Dr Amitis and The Image Dental Clinic
Dr Amitis Rajabzadeh
Within a minute of meeting someone our opinion of them is formed so an engaging smile makes all
Find the Right Mental Help with Clinical Partners
Clinical Partners
Clinical Partners is a private mental health company, which helps families; couples and
Heart Attacks Can Be Silent Killer For Women
Be Aware!
Jennifer Long, clinical director for the University of Iowa Heart and Vascular Center says their
Shula Starkey & ARK Skincare
Ark Founder Shula Starkey
“I have always had an interest in my skin health and body wellness,” says Shula. “My passion for
Advertorial - Cosmetofruit
Cosmetofruit - Anti-Aging Defense
Three powerful Elixirs, combining the best of bioscience and nature, have landed on UK shores.
Claire Croft Talks Abahna
Claire Croft
Enjoying a relaxing cup of herbal tea together, paved the way to understanding the importance of a
IncoStress No More Misery for Thousands of Women
Millions of women experience incontinence, largely due to insufficient strength to the pelvic floor
Ester Saez – Introducing Cosmetofruit
Cosmetofruit founder Ester Saez
Ester Saez is a woman who believes in shaping her own destiny and although she fully recognizes the
Emily-Rose Professional Make-Up Artist.
Emily Rose
We experiment with make-up when we are in our teens but how many of us, now professional women,
Mandy Ingber Talks Yogalosophy
Mandy Ingber
Mandy Ingber began her fitness career as an indoor cycling instructor before teaching yoga for