Squashing Those Tummy Tuck Myths

Flat Stomachs Take Work

As we all know tummy tuck procedures do exactly what they say on the tin. They are designed to eliminate excess tissue around the tummy, which is more commonly known as abdominoplasty. A highly popular procedure, this treatment is elected for a whole host of reasons depending on that person’s issue.

For the most part, people are seeking a firmer belly following weight loss or pregnancy. Like all cosmetic procedures, due to the accessibility of information, it seems like everything you read today is a tactic to scare you off of it. Whether it’s news of botch job which has caused a cosmetic surgery claim, an industry scandal or a myth about what tuck do and don’t do, it seems like people are more and more being led away from treatment. Those myths are never helpful in a person’s decision so we’ve put together this article to squash those negative stories!

Exercise Gives You the Same Results

Exercise is a wonderful thing and it’s important you are active as an individual in order to stay healthy. That being said, as much as we’d hope it to, exercise cannot get you the same results as a tummy tuck. The is because of one simple reason…  a tummy tuck is specifically designed to get rid of excess skin, whereas exercise may tighten the area but it just does not eliminate excess skin. In the case that you have lost a substantial amount of weight or you’ve just been through pregnancy, sadly exercise just doesn’t cut it. This is why you need consider a tummy tuck to get a firmer, tighter looking belly. Putting on muscle won’t clear up that loser skin so it will still need to be removed.

You Can Get Back to Work the Next Day

Despite a tuck being one of the most successful treatments for seeking patients, it is still a surgical treatment and the whole process itself is a risk. Like any procedure and surgery, there will need to be a certain recovering period following it before you can get back to your life. This can range for a number of days to weeks and it will almost always limit how much you can lift or general perform in terms of mobility. When it comes to a tummy tuck, it can even be longer before the swelling drops so if you do decide to undergo treatment, you won’t be back to work the next day. Nor will you be able to get back to the gym, so you will need to allow time to recuperate.

Tummy Tucks Are Only For The Pregnant

It is correct in thinking that pregnant women can greatly benefit from the procedure. It is common knowledge that pregnancy typically causes a female’s skin to be stretched and it never really gives you the chance to bounce back from it. However, that doesn’t mean that only pregnant women can benefit from a tummy tuck.

Tuck patients generally speaking come in many different shapes and sizes. Interestingly, it can benefit both men and women, from whether they’ve lost a lot of weight or they’re looking for more emphasize on their figure. The necessity of the treatment depends on the individual and their insecurity. As long as you’ve got excess skin around the tummy or belly area, a tummy tuck procedure will always be an appropriate course of action.

Beth Pembrook