Sleeping your way to health and beauty

Sleep is the perfect beauty treatment

Whilst the beauty industry seems to offer us a never-ending range of lotions and potions to try to make us look and feel better, it’s clear that sleep is perhaps the ultimate feel-good fix!

Unlike healthy eating fads and expensive beauty products, getting a good night’s sleep is something that’s completely free.

So grab a good mattress and see how you can sleep can improve your skin, boost your energy levels, and even increase your life expectancy!

What does sleep do?

When we sleep it gives our bodies the time it needs to repair muscles, consolidate memories and release the hormones that are essential for regulating growth and appetite.

Anybody who doesn’t manage to get their eight-hours of sleep per night will know how groggy they can feel the following morning. But did you know that sleep can also do impressive things like boost our immune systems and aid our mental faculties.

Effects of sleep on skin

Our skin is perhaps one of the best barometers to tell us whether we’re getting enough sleep. There’s nothing like those telltale dark circles around our eyes to let us know that we need to be getting a little more shut-eye.

Getting a good amount of sleep is essential if we’re looking to get that radiant complexion. This is because we naturally produce collagen when we snooze that keeps our skin looking fresh and luminous.

Boosting your sleep potential

Whilst sleeping is one of the most natural things that we can do, it’s not always so easy to get the required eight hours.

So be sure to avoid fatty foods and caffeinated drinks before bedtime, and try and limit the amount of time spent staring into computer and TV screens too.

Your bedroom environment can be optimised with things like white noise makers and blackout blinds, whilst a good Sleepeezee mattress from the likes of Bedstar can make your sleeping space all the more inviting!

Sleeping to stay slim

It’s also been found that if you sleep less, you are more likely to put on weight. This is because you would have lower levels of the leptin hormone that makes you feel full, whilst having more of the ghrelin hormone that makes you feel hungry!

Even having a fixed schedule of sleeping hours can also have a range of benefits in managing our weight.

And with nasty conditions like diabetes and heart disease also being tied to sleep deficiency, there’s never been a better reason to treat yourself to that Sleepeezee mattress and sleep yourself to peak fitness!

George R Vaughan