How to prepare for your wedding photos

How to look perfect on your wedding day

How to prepare for your wedding photos

As the bride, you will want to look perfect on your wedding day and in your wedding photos. With this in mind, you may elect to have your make-up and hair done professionally. However, if you have less than perfect teeth, you may be interested in learning more about what options are available to you in order to give you that bright smile you want for your wedding photos.

Plan a consultation with your dentist

The first thing to do is to book a consultation with your dentist. Make sure that you do so well in advance of your big day, to allow plenty of time for your preferred treatment to be completed. For example, professional teeth whitening treatments usually require a few weeks before the results can be seen.

When you see your dentist, explain clearly what you want to achieve through a smile makeover and make sure that the timeline to the day itself is clearly explained. It’s a good idea to take photos of smiles that you would like to emulate, together with pictures of the hairstyle and makeup you’re going to have on the day. All this information will enable the dentist to get a clear picture of what you want.

The initial consultation will be used to discuss what treatments are practical within the timeframe and what you should expect from each one. This will also enable you to budget for your preferred treatment options.

Teeth whitening

One very popular choice for brides looking to improve their smile for their big day is teeth whitening. This can be done over a few visits to the dental clinic and produces very attractive results in just a few weeks.

If you prefer, you can take the DIY whitening route, using special whitening toothpaste or home whitening kits.

Alternatively, you could just opt to have your teeth cleaned and polished professionally by your dentist or dental hygienist. Remember, when choosing lipstick, a bright shade will make your tooth colour look duller than a pale one. For this reason, whitened or freshly cleaned teeth will shine much more brightly in your photos when highlighted by a bright shade of pink or red.

Porcelain veneers and crowns

If your teeth are uneven, very badly stained or discoloured, porcelain veneers could be a better option than whitening. Veneers are permanent and will give your teeth a natural-looking, even colour, as well as covering up chips and other minor damage.

For more seriously damaged teeth, your dentist might recommend crowns. Crowns are also permanent and form a cap that sits over the top of the tooth, covering up damage. Crowns and veneers can take between one a four months to complete and you’ll need to make a few visits to the dentist during the process.

In addition to planning your dress, your make-up and your hair-do for your wedding day, you should pay attention to your teeth, as your smile is the focal point of your wedding photos. Be sure to book a consultation with your dentist well in advance of the big day so that you have plenty of time for any whitening or remedial dental treatment that may be recommended.

Poppy Watt