Five Fitness Goals You Could Actually Achieve In 2017

Get Fit For 2017

Fitness goals can seem impossible, and no matter how many transformation accounts you follow on Instagram you know that their new look wasn’t easily achieved. While ambition and drive is important, if you throw yourself in too deep you’ll discover that whole new way of living you started up, on Jan the 1st, isn’t sustainable.

This is why it’s important to set smaller goals, with longer time frames and to not beat yourself up if you fall short. The fact that these were put in place is a great first step, so grab your sports clothes and check out the five fitness goals you can definitely achieve this year:

More steps

One of the easiest ways to boost fitness and even lose weight if that’s what you’re aiming for is to get more steps in each day – plus, for those who hate running, walking is actually believed to be better for you than smashing out a couple of miles in the evening. Many of us work in sedentary jobs, meaning we sit down for long periods throughout the day and may even have a boss who doesn’t like seeing their employees getting up and down from their desks.

However, purchasing a pedometer or something flashier like a Fitbit is a great way of tracking how many steps you are taking, the recommended amount is 10,000 but if you’re just starting out try to aim for 5,000. Try walking the longer way to the toilet, offering to get the tea round in and parking further away from the office.

Heavier weight

Weight training is an excellent form of exercise, as you continue to burn fat long after you’ve dropped the last weight. But if you’re just starting out, you may want to strive towards being able to lift heavier weights, turning that 2lb dumbbell into perhaps a 6lb one comfortably by the end of the year when doing tricep extensions.

This is definitely achievable, simply take your time and when you feel confident move to the higher weight – you’ll know you’re pushing yourself if those last two reps are a struggle but if you can’t make it past three reps, or complete three sets, then move back down a weight.

More reps

Push ups are the ultimate way to show off fitness, they’re the perfect full body workout; engaging your arms, shoulders, chest, core and thighs as you maintain form. Perhaps this year your aim could be to do at least 10 (perfect), standard push ups?

At the start, you may discover you need to perform them on your knees, with your legs crossed and that by five or six your arms are shaking.’s 50 push up challenge is a great starting point to really push yourself, you’ll be dropping and giving 20 (or more) in no time.

More workouts

If you really want to see a change in your fitness, one day a week at the gym isn’t going to cut it. Which is why many of us have goals to workout more often on a weekly basis, aiming for at least three sessions. Don’t try to cram in all your sessions on consecutive days, leave a rest day in between and ensure you are ready to go again. Find a time and day that works for you, if you’re not a morning person a 6.30am gym session is never going to happen so be sensible with timings and build up your amount of workouts to a number that is comfortable for you. You don’t even need to go to the gym, you could complete a 30 minute HIIT at home or take a walk around the block after dinner to get your exercise in.

Find an exercise you love

The biggest issue with fitness is that people try to stick with exercises they dislike, which inevitably leads to them skipping workouts and falling off the wagon. Make it your goal this year to find a workout you love, try something completely out of your comfort zone and make some new like minded friends you see regularly, with the same goals.

Here a few new fitness classes to give a go in 2017:

  • Water workouts – not just for old ladies, Virgin Active is putting on classes which are essentially a circuit class in a pool.
  • Virtual boxing – 30 minute, online videos you can complete at home.
  • Hotpod Yoga – essentially yoga, in a very warm room but you leave feeling sweaty but invigorated.

Sophie Davidson