An Easy Hairstyle for Busy Mums

If your hair looks great you feel great - just ask Abi from Eastenders!

Calling all other mothers.... I just would like to ask you a quick question... Am I the only one that never has the time to do my hair? I am hoping there are some more mums out there that leave hairstyling to the bottom of their pile of things to do... Just because it would make me feel a little better about my shabby hair-do or more aptly put, my hair-don’t.

Mother of two and multi-awarding hairstylist Vicki Lord describes herself as a “Hairy Godmother...” So I decided to ask Vicki for some advice on how us mums can look like we have made an effort with our hair without actually, well, making an effort with our hair. Oh and I had a quick trim and blow-dry while I was at it... (whilst, may I add my two-year continued to climb on and off my lap with a round hairbrush in her grip).

...After all, writing this post got me thinking, that it is important for all mums to feel special, and Vicki says “if your hair looks good then you feel great!”

It may seem surface, but I think she may have some truth in her words, my husband certainly looked delighted at the more refined version of his wife after I stepped out of Vicki’s hair studio.

Look, I’m a busy business mum, and it is not always easy to keep my hair looking like I have just stepped out of a salon... And I am pretty certian I am not alone in this... but I bring good news because Vicki gave me an easy look to share with all mums out there that can be achieved super quickly each morning before the school run or ready for a trip out grocery shopping... And Vicki reassured me that “—even you’ll be able to do it my darling!” So I am certain anyone can in that case!

Here is a How-to of Vicki’s Pony for a Quiff for Busy Mums:

This is the easiest most effective do for busy mums, and it is a practical hairstyle that can be done so quickly and has instant impact!

Equipment needed:

Soft bridle brush, hair band and grips


Dry shampoo, Vicki recommends - Batiste, and hairspray, Vicki recommends Elnett L’oreal

  1. Section a triangle of hair from your temple area and take it back about 2-3 inches towards the crown area.
  2. Isolate this hair away from the back section of hair.
  3. Secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail at the back of head towards your crown area.
  4. Gently back-brush the triangle section at the front to create the quiff, and use dry shampoo at root area to help create height and texture whilst back-brushing, smooth the top layer of quiff tail using the back-brush.
  5. Dress the quiff back towards the base of the ponytail creating as much height as you’d like and then secure with grips.
  6. Now with the ponytail down take a small section of the ponytail from underneath and wrap around to disguise grips and band.
  7. Secure with grips underneath the base of ponytail.
  8. Spray with hairspray to secure in place.

Tip: For an extra special day-look try curling the ponytail. Or if your hair is not quite long enough try adding a clip-in pointy tail... Balmain have a great range!

Love from your Hairy God Mother (

Jordan Martin