Beauty Base - How to Achieve Flawless Skin

Bare Minerals

Do you often have patchy skin, dry bits, blackheads or spots despite living healthily? Sometimes skin needs an additional helping hand as well as the usual exercise, sleep, and eating greens, and you won’t have to break the bank in the process.  Your skin can look radiant with very little money and time. Many of the expensive makeup products, moisturisers and scrubs actually stop your skin from doing its natural cleaning work, which is important for your skin’s wellbeing. Here are some simple yet effective techniques and products you can try, designed for all skin types and lifestyles.

1.     BareMinerals Makeup

It’s well known that the first rule of having healthy skin is to go without makeup. If you feel like this isn’t an option for you – there is a solution. BareMinerals uses algae to create a great coverage, giving your skin tone an even look for au natural styles. If you want a more dramatic feel then apply a second coat and add their eye shadow. The makeup works with your skin so well that you will find your spots and blackheads disappearing over time.

Top tip: Clean your brushes every day. You’d be surprised how much muck they collect, even while sitting on your dressing room table.

2.     Sweat it out

Allowing yourself to sweat will in fact improve your health over time. Sweating opens up your pores, releasing sodium and the natural antibiotic Dermcidin, proven to kill bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus Aureus on the surface of your skin. Stimulate the sweat by exercising, relaxing in hot tubs or bathing your face in steam (more information on steam baths later).

3.     Pukka Green Tea

Many people dislike green tea because of its unique taste and unappetising colour – but there is a solution. Pukka is fast becoming the world’s favourite herbal tea brand. Mixing green tea with interesting spices such as chai, they’ve made a tasty blend that herbal tea lovers and sceptics alike will enjoy. The tea has an anti-oxidant agent, used in Japan as a cure for ailments for centuries. It’s even been reported that green tea increases metabolisms, prevents heart disease and even combats the growth of cancerous cells.

4.     Tea-tree oil

This product is another old school favourite and for good reason. Cheap and simple, Tea-tree oil is nature’s antiseptic, clearing up any bothersome blackheads or spots. It’s best applied with water, as often tea-tree products have other pesky ingredients that aren’t good for you, such as petroleum, which is actually derived from the carcinogenic  petrol. Yikes!

Top tip – Buy an empty spray bottle from stores like Boots or Superdrug, add in five drops of tea-tree oil and fill it up with tap water. Spray onto your face, body and hair twice a day. If you really want to see a difference in your skin, then invest in a tap water filter too, like this one. Filtered water contributes to softer skin, as well as depleting skin abnormalities like eczema.

5.     I don’t want no scrubs

This number one bad beauty habit is advertised everywhere, causing confusion among consumers about whether scrubbing your face is good or bad for your skin. We’ll bust this myth for you - hard cleaning will actually allow more dirt and grease to get in, causing spots and even red rashes. Excessive scrubbing can even wear away the outer layer of your skin, otherwise known as the stratum corneum, which can cause excessive dryness and even broken skin. Put your scrubbing gels where they belong - in the bin.

6.     All natural moisturiser

Investing in a good moisturiser is the best gift that you can give to your face. Moisturisers that are too heavy can be detrimental to your T-zone, actually causing spots and distress around the area instead of helping your skin combat them. Lush cosmetics have an excellent line of moisturisers, catering for a variety of different skin types. Enzymion is the best product for those of you with combination skin, with a mattifying fruit combination; pineapple, papaya and lemon to name a few!

7.     Steam face baths

Face baths recreate the effect of being in a sauna, causing your skin to sweat out any impurities. If you add tee-tree to the mix, this will have an invigorating effect, leaving you awake and ready for the day. Moreover, the tea-tree laced steam will make its way into your pores, cleaning your blemishes away, especially pesky skin blockages such as blackheads. Add a few drops of Lavender too to calm down any red blotches.

How to: Get a large bowl and boil some water. When the water has cooled to a warm temperature, put it into the bowl, add essential oils and put your face over it, draping a towel over your head to get the full effect.

Poppy Watt