The New PS4 Pro

The New PS4 Pro

Introducing the super-charged PS4 Pro. The most powerful PlayStation ever made.

The PS4 Pro is here but does it really stack up as a purchase and who exactly is it aimed at.

If you already own a PS4 but don’t have a 4K TV then it’s not for you because the Pro is all about the higher definition screen format.

Equally, if you do own a 4K TV and already have a standard PS4 then it’s still questionable whether you have the right kind of TV to take advantage of the full spectrum of features that only the latest, high end display can handle.

But, if you are in the market for a new TV and a new console then Sony’s claim about the latest version of their PS4 being the most powerful of its kind is certainly true and the first batch of enhanced games make you stand up and take notice!

Some of the best include the latest Call Of Duty, Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us and Titanfall 2, all guaranteed to knock your socks off!

However, one word of warning, if you're hoping to watch the new 4K UHD standard of Blu Ray then prepare to be disappointed because that is the one big elephant in the room that Sony has chosen to ignore and one area where Microsoft certainly has taken a lead with the less powerful Xbox One S.

Features include:

Spectacular graphics, with advaned 4K technology, faster frame rates, HDR colours and high resolution display with 8 million pixels providing intenselt vibrant gameplay, stunningly sharp movies and incredible details in every moment.

Super charged performance with double the processing power of the standard PS4.

4K streaming of Netflix, YouTube and many entertainment apps.

Greater connectivity and fully cross compatible software across all Sony PS4 platforms.

George R Vaughan