iPhone 7

iPhone 7

The new iPhone has caused a great deal of controversy because of Apple’s decision to remove the 3.5mm audio jack but after spending some time with the device I am starting to warm to its decision. Of course there are going to be cynical voices out there that claim it’s just a ploy to make more money from the forthcoming AirPods but other Bluetooth headphones are available. Realistically, you have to question how long it will be before other handset manufacturers follow suit and 2017 could be the year we see a global move towards that road.

This big omission aside, what else can we expect from the iPhone 7? The controversy about the lack of a headphone jack seems to have overshadowed the fact that this it the first time the iPhone is waterproof. Additionally, whilst the design is almost identical to the iPhone 6 and 6S, the camera has been vastly improved and is now by some margin the best of its kind on any smartphone. Additionally, processing power has been upped considerably and with 32GB now marketed as the entry-level point, a new 256GB has been introduced at the other end of the memory scale.

Colours see two versions of black introduced – matte and glossy – with space grey now retired. Gold, silver and rose gold remain. The new “Taptic Engine” took me some getting used to but after a few weeks in it’s company I’m convinced by its introduction.

So the bottom line has to be is it worth buying? If you’re a 6S user then I’d suggest not. There isn’t enough here to make it a worthwhile upgrade 12 months on. However, if you have an older model then it certainly becomes an easier decision to make.

As with everything Apple, the quality of the device makes it desirable and with Samsung’s flagship model making headlines for all the wrong reasons at the moment, there’s little else to compete with the Cupertino giants.

For more information on the new iPhone 7 and 7S models visit the Apple website here.

George R Vaughan