Quick-fix or natural beauty boost?

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It is generally acknowledged that vegetables, fruit and some fruit juices, such as orange juice, are packed full of health-giving nutrients many noted as particularly beneficial to the appearance of skin, hair and nails. However, a recent survey commissioned by Juice Expert Tropicana sought to discover more about our beauty regimes and their initial findings are interesting.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 70% believe that what they eat and drink has a direct impact on the condition of their skin, hair, nails and overall beauty.

More than a third (39%) claim they spend just 15 minutes or less on their morning beauty routine.

Some 25% of those taking part in the Tropicana survey would be prepared to spend £30 or more on a ‘miracle’ cream, while over 40% don’t believe these beauty products are good value for money.

When asked if they would rather forgo their beauty-boosting diet or their topical beauty treatments if money was tight, the majority (75%) chose to ditch their beauty treatments and continue with a nutrient-rich diet to maintain their looks.

Asked to list their most effective beauty tip, image conscious respondents largely stuck to natural remedies, with drinking two litres of water every day coming top.

The top 5 daily beauty tips, as chosen by those polled, were: 

Drinking 2 litres of water every day to benefit your skin (45%)
Steaming your face once a week to open pores  (28%)
Drinking a glass of orange juice each day to get nutrients that benefit skin (25%)
Putting cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness (24%)
Moisturising feet then covering with socks overnight to reduce dry skin (22%)

The survey also identified a north / south divide in our approach to beauty from within, finding that the Scots rely the most on quick-fix products to boost their beauty (50%) while those in the south are the real naturals with a whopping 88% prioritising what they put into their body rather than what they put onto it.

Tropicana Marketing Manager, Sioned Winfield, said; “It’s great news that people are embracing a healthy diet, including lots of fruit, vegetables and their juices, as part of their overall plan to look good. There is emerging evidence that specific vitamins and minerals and other beneficial compounds like antioxidants, as part of a healthy diet, can play an important part in maintaining healthy skin and bright eyes, which could be why it is a focus for beautiful Brits.”

Poppy Watt 


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