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Judge Double Walled Glasses

Drinks stay hot or cold with double walled glassware

The new range of Double Walled Glassware from Judge has eight attractive varieties, ranging from tumblers to coffee mugs, all employing a thermally insulated air pocket design to give the ultimate drinking experience.

Hot drinks stay hot longer, while the outside of the glass remains cool to the touch. Cold drinks can be as icy as you wish, and yet the outer glass will stay condensation-free. Both mean that you can do away with coffee table coasters.

Made from scratch-resistant borosilicate glass, and carefully crafted for a comfortable lip, each vessel is individually mouth-blown by artisan glass makers, making every single item unique. Despite their delicate appearance and handcrafted formation, all Judge Double Walled Glasses are dishwasher safe.

The eight different styles have their own particular purpose, and the versatility of design means that they can all be used for hot or cold beverages. So if you fancy your latte in a highball glass, or your espresso in a shot tumbler, Judge is your oyster!

I have been trying out the Judge Highball glasses, which look elegant and chic. Easy to grip they have certainly been keeping my chilled drinks cool in the recent hot weather. I also like being able to carry my hot drinks around without burning my fingers or worrying about marking the table or desk, so this has been an added convenience of the double walled glasses.

Available in twin packs, with prices starting at £8.50 for shot glasses. If you want your hot to be hot and your cold to be cold these are ideal!

For more information visit www.judgecookware.co.uk

Poppy Watt

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