Coconut Vinegar

Only the good stuff

Let’s go culinary with coconut vinegar

If you think coconut you may think cooking ingredient, skin or hair care.  But do you think dipping, marinating, salad dressing?  Well, now you can with a very versatile coconut vinegar from the Coconut Company.

As its name suggests, this company is all about coconuts. Raw, natural and organic - the Coconut Company brings you only the good stuff from nature’s table.

Derived from the raw sap of the coconut flower blossom, and naturally fermented for 10 months without adulteration, their Organic Coconut Vinegar with Mother of Vinegar is a naturally forming living mixture of good bacteria and live enzymes: 100% natural, 0% preservatives.

Coconuts have provided health and healing benefits to Asian, Pacific and African communities for generations and are considered a “superfood” by dietitians and nutritionists as they provide an abundant source of protein and natural fats packing a powerful nutritional punch.

The coconut’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help fight harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi, while helping to strengthen the body’s immune system. Coconuts are also a rich source of minerals, including copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and selenium.

The Coconut Company work very closely with their farmer cooperatives and food processors to ensure their products are of the very best quality. They insist that their coconuts are raw, or have gone through minimal processing, so you know the vital minerals and vitamins are still present. In addition, their coconuts are sourced from farmers with organic certification or farmed naturally with no pesticides or herbicides.  Their processors in the Philippines and Sri Lanka also have formal certification including Organic, FairTrade, Kosher and Halal accreditation.

Coconut Vinegar is an excellent ingredient for cooking, dipping, marinating, pickling as a salad dressing, health tonic and as a delectable component for many sauces.

Why not try this delicious recipe and see for yourself…


Mint, Raw Coconut Vinegar & Tahini Summer Dressing


 2 tbsp. chopped mint (plus sprigs to garnish)

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1 tbsp. coconut vinegar

3 tbsp. olive oil

2 tbsp. tahini



Stir into warm steamed green beans, peas and edamame beans. Top with crumbled feta and nigella seeds (and, or pumpkin/ sesame seeds).             

Add giant cous cous or a gluten free grain of your choice to make a more substantial meal.


Did you know?

The coconut palm tree is revered by many cultures as The Tree of Life, because of the multitude of benefits it provides to over a third of the world’s population. Its roots, fronds, trunk and husk are used for a variety of purposes such as for shelter, fuel, rope, paper pulp, furniture, household utensils and handicrafts.

For more information regarding the Coconut Company and their range click here… 

Poppy Watt


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