Fashion Statement with Suzannah Roach
I May I Might I Must
It’s that time of year when you believe you are someone else for a month. I turn into a sparkly
Style in a Hurry
Burberry owl jumper
The days are growing shorter, it’s dark before you even stop to look out the window and dates are
How to create the perfect capsule working wardrobe.
Business Attire For Women
The secret to being well dressed is to develop a capsule wardrobe of basic pieces that can be
Dr Jennifer Baumgartner
Dr Jennifer Baumgartner
We’ve all had tracksuit-bottom days. You wake up in the morning, feeling a bit low and decide
The Dark Side of Fashion
The Dark Side of Fashion
Whilst black is most definitely back, this season offers the perfect opportunity to experiment
Be Seen in Green!
All In Green
Our friends at the image consultants are offering our readers advice on
Fashion Statement with Suzannah Roach
Leather is in this season
This time last year I said that leather and lace was the big look to watch out for and now leather
Prepare your Wardrobe for the Cold Season
Autumn is coming...
Autumn has finally arrived which doesn’t only mean that the days are getting shorter and the
Fashion Statement with Suzannah Roach
Fashion Statement with Suzannah Roach
I have been away from the world of fashion for far too long. A well-deserved break to the beautiful
One Step Ahead – Fashion Trends for Autumn 2012
The Ever Fashionable Dr Martens
Most shopaholics might have already noticed that summer dresses and tops have vanished from the