Is Red The New Black…?

Red Is The New Black

Funny how black seems to be the benchmark for successful sales. Seems that for a new colour to be considered a seasonal hit, its sales need to match up like to like sales of a current or previous best seller in black.

And whilst we are definitely trying to move away from black being so predominant, no matter how good a colour is, it never quite achieves the same figures as a good black item does.

So now we look at growth patterns, seriously - it’s amazing just how much of a science range reviews have become. Even at the design end of the spectrum I constantly have to look at the track records of colours and styles before I can ‘put my money’ on what I think will be the ‘next best thing’.

We introduced red into our range just over a year ago. Our token statement bag was bright red and the press pounced on it within an hour of previewing it at Scoop International. Yes, a photo-shoot that was going live at the show for American publication ‘Cliché Magazine’ homed on to our red Aldwych clutch. Two months later with the publication out and circulating we were starting to feel the love for this colour from press and bloggers, a clear indication that we were onto something good.

10 months later and our winter 2014 collection has a big red ‘thing’ going on and not just with press and bloggers but with the buying public.

And what about the clothing retailers, I hear you cry?

Well there is a lot of red around - red dresses, coats, shoes. And the best marketing tool for red? Well, it looks just perfect with, yes you guessed it… BLACK.

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Nadia Minkoff