Flip Flops!

The UK has been lucky enough to benefit from some glorious weather recently, with scorching hot sunshine and blue skies without a raincloud in sight. For many, it’s been a little too stifling, but there’s no doubt that most of us prefer the heat over a drab, drizzly July.

But, have you found it difficult to keep yourself cool? Well, you’re not alone, and in addition to keeping in the shade and drinking plenty of water, you’ve probably been very selective about the kind of clothing you wore.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane for a beach holiday, (not too dissimilar from the likes of these) pottering in the garden or meeting up with friends, wearing loose fitting, breathable clothing is a sensible idea. That’s the reason flip-flops are such a popular item of footwear in the summer, and have been for a very long time.

In fact, flip-flops have been around for thousands of years and have even been depicted in ancient Egyptian murals. So, it might be worth slipping your feet into a pair and joining the ancient Greeks, Romans and Mesopotamians – ancient civilisations that appreciated just how practical this kind of footwear really is during warm weather!  

Get Your Feet Flip-Flop Ready
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