Trick or Treat

Gross Magic

Trick or Treat

Get ready for Halloween with this awesome array of magic and trickery!

When it comes to putting a set of phenomenal magic tricks together, no-one does it quite as well as Drumond Park, the company which currently holds the coveted Top Three slots in the UK’s best-selling magic sets league*!  Budding magicians and tricksters alike can’t wait to get their hands on these dazzling compendiums combining horror and delight in equal measure.

Box of Shocks

Gasping… Screeching … Magic and Mayhem! That’s what you get with the fascinating and hilarious Number One best-selling Box of Shocks (8 to adult, RRP £19.99)! Irresistible to tricksters of all ages, this sparkling and witty magic set is one of the foxiest, most shocking collections of pranks and tricks for playing on friends and family ever been put together.  The kit comes with excellent move-by-move instructions, and is just what it says on the box – think squirting crazy ketchup all over your audience’s clothes, showing them how you break your finger backwards, leaving a coiled snake – ready to spring - in a crisps tin, ramming a pen through your hand, hiding a lurking spider behind a coin in a box so it can jump out at them… and you’ll have just a whiff of what you’ll find in this top-selling compendium!

Just a smidgen behind in the popularity stakes comes Gross Magic (8 to adult, RRP £19.99) – a much sought after favourite of tricksters everywhere.  This set features props and ideas for more than 40 revolting magic tricks and illusions.  Impress your audience (or should we say victims!) with the practised use of a ‘clean to dirty’ toilet and ‘poo paper’, hatching cockroach eggs, slime in a dustbin, jumping and vanishing bogies, pretend veins and a squidgy telepathic brain, to name but a few.  These conjuring feats are guaranteed, with a bit of preparation, to produce groans of nausea from friends and family (sick bag not included!).

Gee Whizz (5+, RRP £19.99) is a dazzling collection of amazing activities and tremendous tricks for little ones.  It’s jam packed with a fabulous array of easy illusions that are perfect for children to master - while stimulating their natural curiosity for discovery and the world around them. 

The compendium comes with clear, pictorial instructions - and with just a little guidance from an adult or older sibling, children will quickly master the basics of putting on a magic show - such as pouring coins out of an empty saucer or magically growing a flower from the end of a magic wand. Children’s inquisitiveness knows no bounds, and suddenly you’ll find that they have taken simple tricks on board - by themselves.  The Gee Whizz collection provides a fascinating, easily accessible and confidence-boosting introduction to magical tricks and activities. 

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