The Box of Shocks – April Fool!

Box Of Shocks Game

Drumond Park’s Box of Shocks (age 8 to adult, RRP £19.99) is the perfect gift for youngsters - just in time for April Fools Day.

This fun-filled box from the UK’s leading independent games company contains a selection of tricks guaranteed to give victims the screaming abdabs.

The kit is good quality, value for money and comes with clear and easy to follow move-by-move instructions. There’s a varied selection of 13 shocking pranks and gags sure to catch your audience unawares on the morning of 1st April!

Spending time with the younger members of your family is so important and this box of tricks certainly gave us a few chuckles.

The 13 tricks include a fake egg, pretty realistic particularly when hidden among fresh ones – confusing when cooking the breakfast.

Then there’s the coiled snake – ready to spring - certainly a shocker when leaping out of a pot of Pringles!

I thought the magic tricks were clever and well thought out, although you need to give yourself some time to practice before you attempt them on your victims.

Some of the other tricks in this box of wonders include squirting ‘crazy’ ketchup all over your victim’s clothes, showing them how you break your finger backwards, hiding a spider behind a coin in a box to leap out at them and ramming a pen through your hand.

All in all there must be several ways to make April Fools of members of the family, friends or colleagues.

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Poppy Watt.


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