Hairspray - The Award Winning West End Musical
b {color:#666666} Although it’s been running since late 2007, Hairspray is one of the few
Women Talking Favourite Up For Awards
Jersey Boys
“JERSEY BOYS”, the award-winning Broadway musical which opened in London’s West End at the Prince
BEV is Coming...
Birds Eye View 2009 Festival Trailer All events at the London
Bird's Eye View
BEV Founder Rachel Millward
The fifth Birds Eye View film festival programme springs to life   March 5-13th 2009:
A Golden Girl
Susan George
“I’m so sorry I’m late. I’d forgotten how frantic city life can be. I’ve been fighting my way
Beyond the Shadow of Greatness
Viktoria Tolstoy
“I live in the shadow of a great man but it’s not something I mind because I have forged my own
That Sinking Feeling
Treasure Island
Anyone who is familiar with Treasure Island will know that the figure of Long John Silver is
Man Training
Trisha Goddard
I work on the Trisha Goddard Show on Channel Five and I am working on a fun, tongue-in-cheek
A Familiar Sound, Only Different
Simon Maccorkindale as Captain Von Trapp
“As my body of work thus far will tell you, I’m not a singer. It’s never been my forte –
Mishka Adams
Mishka Adams
Take a shy little girl who loves music, Joni Mitchell and the Philippines where she was born and