Women Talking and The Hannah Murray Show
Women Talking with Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe
To launch our collaboration with Talk Radio Europe and The Hannah Murray Show, we kicked off with
Agnes Obel – A Danish Treat
Agnes Obel
Agnes Obel is unassuming, although strikingly beautiful, and my first thought on meeting her is
Tatiana Okupnik
The Beautiful, Talented Tatiana
On first meeting Tatiana I wondered how someone so petite can produce such powerful vocals.
Asa And Her ‘Beautiful Imperfection’
The Talented Asa
She has been called a modern day Marley and compared to Sade, but Asa is a unique talent.  Her
Elysium III - Another Door Opens with Rock Diva
Elysium III
They have been on a photoshoot and arrive looking very much the rock divas.  Not so long ago Ceri
Gwyneth Herbert – A Way With Words
Gwyneth Herbert
If there is one word that sums up singer/songwriter Gwyneth Herbert it would have to be
Elizabeth Karlsen
Elizabeth Karlsen
The release on DVD of ‘Made in Dagenham’ to coincide with Mothers Day is a timely reminder of
Over Eva’s Rainbow
Eva Cassidy
Barbara Cassidy, whose singing sensation daughter, Eva Cassidy, died aged 33 in 1996, after
Yetunde – Faith & Favourite Things
Favourite Things - Yetunde's New Album
The music industry is heaving with hopeful artists and in the digital age, although accessibility
Leddra Chapman is Telling Tales
Leddra Chapman
When Leddra Chapman’s first album Telling Tales first came to prominence in November 2009, the