Dress for your profession
Dress To Impress
Dress for your professionThe workplace of today is very different from the past. These days, dress
Dell Launches Gender-GEDI Female Entrepreneurship Index
The Gender-GEDI is the only global index to measure high-potential female entrepreneurship based
Young Team Taps The Market!
Tap That Team
With the help of Young Enterprise, the local Tiffin Girls School and their young team of
Sarah Shields - Introducing DWEN
Sarah Shields
There’s not so much a glass ceiling as a closed door when it comes to women in the IT industry but
Emily’s Blaze Bike Light
Emily Brooke
With more and more commuters taking to the roads on two wheels, particularly as warmer weather
Rosie Caley
Rosie Caley
Rosie Caley believes passionately that our historical buildings should be preserved as an
Jasmine Birtles - Money Matters
Jasmine Birtles
Jasmine Birtles is an exceptionally versatile and talented lady who combines her financial
Linda Plant - Art Love
Linda Plant
Hanging a piece of artwork in your home or workplace is a very personal way of imposing your
Belinda Parmar is Geek Chic
Belinda Parmar
Ever wondered why when half the people buying technological products are women so few work in the
Online shops have become indispensable
Online Shopping
Whereas a couple of years ago online shopping had only been a playfield for computer nerds, it has