Mel McGee Mum in a Million
Mel McGee
Mel McGee had a small daughter and a husband serving with the army in Iraq.  As a sales trainer
Brand New Belinda with Roots & Wings
Belinda Gooding
There’s a whole new range of organic foods coming our way called Roots & Wings, brought to us
Liz Jackson: All Guns Blazing
Liz Jackson - Founder of Great Guns Marketing
Liz Jackson has never allowed her blindness to dim her ambition nor limit her personal goals. Born
Buying British
Buy British Image 1
Is a recession reason enough to ignore the traumatic tales of small children toiling around the
Coral Garlick – Beautiful Family Photography
Coral Garlick - A Woman of Many Talents.
As a mother of four, Coral Garlick knows how quickly children grow up.  “I become increasingly
Janan Leo and Cocorose
Janan Leo - founder of Cocorose
Apparently the average woman possesses 19 pairs of shoes. We choose them for various
Kush – The Boob Cushion 
Joanne Darbost
Are you one of many women who suffer from tender breasts and back pain? The reasons offered are
Fizbag – Eco friendly Reusable Shopping Bags
Fizbag founder Amanda Overland.
Every year, an estimated 17½ billion plastic bags are given away by supermarkets. This is
Amisha Ghadiali
Amisha Ghadiali
If you are 18, a resident in the UK and on the electoral register you have the right to vote
Christina Moss - Bloom & Blossom
Christina Moss - Founder of Bloom and Blossom.
We all know the old saying that less is more. Perhaps not the case when you are giving to a needy