PAVARA sink tidy

Sunita Gill

PAVARA sink tidy

The PAVARA sink tidy has been created to combine functionality with elegance.

Unlike conventional sink tidies that only act as holding containers, the PAVARA sink tidy has been designed to hide the washing up paraphernalia.

It can be manually rotated to either access or hide the contents, by simply turning it around. The base contains a drainage system for wet sponges and cloths with a perforated bottom to allow excess water to freely drain away. Composed of ABS plastic for the convenience of keeping clean and its high gloss finish; it matches the aesthetics of a modern and minimalist kitchen.

Recent trends of open plan living mean the sink area is no longer hidden and consumers are eager to find a way to keep this area clutter free. This led Sunita Gill, the creator of the PAVARA sink tidy to find a solution to the problem. After enlisting the help of D2M Innovation, she has now brought her product to market.

"When I began my journey I wasn’t looking to start a business. I was simply trying to find a solution to a problem. With the help of Virgin start-up, I am thrilled to have brought my product to market. As a mother of 2 children, it was crucial to me that my start-up would be about giving something back. So I am proud to say that we are a socially responsible enterprise, supporting WaterAid through the ‘Work for Good’ platform.

“It all began, at the end of Summer 2012. I had just finished working as a Pharmacist as part of the medical team, looking after the athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic London Games.

“My next project was no comparison to the above. However, as a mother and amateur cook, I couldn’t wait to embark on my kitchen renovation. As I went through the plans with the kitchen designer, the sink area seemed to compromise the modern aesthetics of my minimalist kitchen. I spoke to numerous kitchen designers, hoping that someone would have a solution to my problem. But to my surprise, the responses was always the same, store everything away in the cupboard under the sink and take it out when you need it and use the dishwasher more!

“Sounds simple, but not practical at all. If my hands are dirty, do I really want to be opening a cupboard with dirty hands, to take out the hand wash. Not all dishes could be or would be washed in the dishwasher. Did I really want to store wet sponges in a cupboard, which would not only make them smell but would also be unhygienic? Even storing wet sponges in the sink, looked unsightly. I trawled the internet trying to source a sink tidy, that might even vaguely compliment the kitchen, but was surprised that these sink tidies acted as only holding devises. So they did not disguise or hide the washing up bottles and sponges.

“It was at this point, that I took out a piece of paper and sketched what was to be the PAVARA sink tidy.

“Having researched numerous product design companies, I decided to arrange a meeting with D2M Innovation. Being a complete novice in this field, I wasn’t sure what would come out from the first meeting. But to my surprise, Phil Staunton (D2M Innovation), produced a clear project plan, detailing all the stages that would be involved. He explained that I could start and then stop at any stage, until I was ready to move on, as I was self-funding the project.

“A virgin startup loan has allowed me to bring my invention to market. Without the funding, I couldn’t get to the manufacturing stage. The journey has been anything but smooth. For anyone looking to create their own product, please don’t be put off by my difficulties but instead use my experience to build your stamina. For grit and determination, are necessities in this Industry.”

PAVARA is now available to purchase on line or from Amazon RRP £49.95 and a percentage of all sales are donated to WaterAid. 

Poppy Watt