Health and Safety in the Workplace

Be safe in the workplace

Creating a working health and safety plan will protect your employees and safeguard your business from any potential injury claims, which may damage the reputation of your brand. This is why it’s so important to make sure you abide by the law.

As an employer you have the responsibility of followinggovernment regulations to ensure your office environment is compliant with all health and safety checks.

Risk assessment

As a business owner you’ll need to perform regular healthy and safety checks to ensure you and your staff are kept safe. Do this by walking around your workspace to identify and note any potential hazards. It’s good to think about how accidents could happen and who may be harmed in the process. From this, it’s essential that the hazards that can cause real harm are immediately controlled and made safe in order to minimise the risk on employees. You’ll need to record and store all risk assessments for future reference.

Create an honest environment

Publish your business's health and safety policy and hold regular forums where employees can voice their health and safety concerns. You’ll need to provide safety training to all employees in your care. They’ll need to sign a document to make sure you know they’ve
understood the training provided. The training needs to cover any hazards or risks they may face and measures they can take to deal with the eventualities. By law you’ll need to provide an official system that will let employees record accidents at work, which must be kept on the premises.

Correct facilities

Ensure you have all the correct equipment, including access facilities for those with disabilities. You’ll need to choose equipment that’ll have longevity and will not break or cause harm. For example, fitting a Tente fixed castor on a loading cage can transport hundreds of kilos safely as the wheels absorb the impact from any bumps. All equipment needs to be installed correctly and electronics need to have regular PAT tests.  

First aid

It’s your responsibility to make sure your employees receive immediate care if they are taken ill or injured at work. Having the right training and process in place can prevent minor injuries and save lives. Accidents can happen at any time in the office so it’s important to be prepared. By law, as the minimum you must have a suitably stocked first-aid kit and appoint an office first aider who is responsible for taking charge of the first-aid arrangements. This must also be communicated throughout the business.

Provide information

Keep up to date with any legal regulation changes and cascade any information to employees. You’ll need to display the correct health and safety law material in a viewable position.

If you follow these law-abiding guidelines, it will ensure the wellbeing of your employees and keep your business reputation intact.

Sophie Davidson