Career Opportunities

Women in Financial Services

Career Opportunities for Women in Financial Services

For many years, the World of finance was a male dominated industry, it was reported in a Financial Times journal in 1989 that women made up just 14% of those who were working in the financial sector across the United Kingdom and the United States collectively. That is a staggering figure when you consider that we were considered to be relatively liberal and equally minded by the time the 80s came along.

This trend however would soon change and has the nineties and the ‘noughties’ progressed, a new generation of women came along who looked to the financial sector for career opportunities and these days operate in just the same roles as the men do. There are lots of opportunities in the UK for women to get into the financial services and stock trading industry and here are just a few ways how.

From Home

A recent Daily Mail survey indicated that some 85% of women are still the primary care givers for children in the UK and whilst the fathers continue to work, the mothers will stay at home to look after the children for their first years. This has lead to many women looking for ways in which to earn from their own home and the internet can provide them with a fantastic opportunity to get involved in things like share dealing.  Buying and selling stocks and shares can be easily done online and can be started with as little as £100, this has created a great opportunity for women to be able to manage their portfolio and trade from the comfort of their own home.

Reach for the Top

Despite the changes in perceptions of women in the financial industry, the top spots of managing directors and chief executives were still considered, for a long time, a place for men, this however is now changing and there are great opportunities for women to scale the career ladder and become heads of industry. A survey conducted by recruitment specialist Robert Half suggested that 64% of the top financial chiefs say that there are more opportunities for women to climb the career ladder than there were 10 years ago. Of this 64%, more than two thirds of them indicated that it would be easier for women to head into managing director and chief executive roles.


Many of the World’s largest companies in the financial sector have taken on diversity initiatives which seek to break barriers that exist between races, colours and genders in the industry. This has given way to many of the great financial minds to be given the opportunity to shine where in the past they simply would not have been given the chance. This is great news for many women who have a naturally ability when it comes to financial dealings and can perform the job equally as well as men. Diversity initiatives are not exclusive to the bigger or the smaller companies, they exist across the board and they work hard to seek out talent across all genders and races. This is a great opportunity for women to go after the financial career that they have always wanted, without the fear of being outflanked by somebody less talented than they are in order to maintain a status quo. 

Poppy Watt