Brand Management

Brand Management

Branding is more important today than ever. For example, search engines give far more weight to brands than search engine optimisation because each company should have a unique brand that is hard for others to replicate or try to duplicate to steal traffic. Here are some tips on how to successfully create and manage your brand.

Pick Your Brand Image

Decide what your brand image will be. Imagine it as a person that is attractive to your clients. Is it fun, spunky, energising or even edgy? Is it solid, reliable and durable? Is it loving, caring, a parent who adores children? Is it a green, environmentally conscious and socially aware individual? Picking the traits associated with your brand will affect the design of the logo, the tone of your messaging and the type of content you create.

Design a Logo

The best logos are vibrant and have a unique colour scheme. The colour scheme is critical, since colours affect our moods and perceptions. The best logos also don’t look like anyone else’s logo. This is important both to avoid intellectual property disputes and help you stand out in the crowded market.

Update Your Site to Create a Good First Impression

The appearance of a website may give someone their first impression of your company, product and brand. Make it a good one. You should put your logo on your website, but the entire colour scheme, web design and little design elements need to create a functional yet aesthetic whole.

Create a Coordinated Brand Image

We’ve already addressed using the new logo on your website. Don’t forget to make it the identifying icon on your official social media profiles as well. This is in addition to building the brand name into the search engine optimisation of your social media pages and any content you share through those channels. 

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Think of the Content

When you send out content marketing pieces, try to work the brand logo into the imagery along with the products or key people. This could be as simple as having your logo visible when displaying a selection of products on the corporate Instagram account, or having your employees wear branded T-shirts during interviews. 

The little things can go a long way in building brand awareness, such as those writing about your most recent corporate donation mentioning “X brand products donated by company Y” instead of saying “this company donated fifty boxes of their products to charity”. When you share content created by others, mention the use of your brand name products in the post even if it is not mentioned in the video or the content itself.

If you need more content, solicit it from your employees, customers and social media followers. A contest for the best branded content will generate massive social media buzz and a wealth of content you can pick from. Don’t forget to share praise and positive reviews by others while thanking them for it. These acts show that the company cares about its customers, incentivises more positive feedback and is free content the company can use. When you share a tweet or social media post, you can strategically mention the brand, such as saying “Another thrilled brand X customer!”

Creating and building a brand is all about creating a clear image for yourself, marketing yourself through the right channels and reinforcing your brand while building a solid reputation in your industry through good service. It’s also about being attentive to your customers and make sure that you always thrive to improve customer satisfaction and actswiftly when damage control is needed.