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Katherine Jenkins Reveals A Daydream
Katherine Jenkins
We meet in the prestigious surroundings of the Paramount Club in London’s West End and it’s
Anjum Anand All Plates Spinning Nicely
Anjum Anand
It has been some year for TV chef and cookery writer, Anjum Anand.  She launched The Spice Tailor
Jane Juska Is A Well Rounded Woman
Jane Juska
As round heeled women go Jane Juska is not what you’d expect. The term comes from Victorian England
Claire Croft Talks Abahna
Claire Croft
Enjoying a relaxing cup of herbal tea together, paved the way to understanding the importance of a
A Word about Marketing
Spread The Word - Marketing Makes Sense!
Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. – David Packard For all of
Ester Saez – Introducing Cosmetofruit
Cosmetofruit founder Ester Saez
Ester Saez is a woman who believes in shaping her own destiny and although she fully recognizes the
Trick or Treat?
Will you Trick or Treat this Halloween...?
Got the pumpkin, despite dire warnings of shortages due to the rainy summer, got the dish full of
Saudi Arabia – Little Change for Women
Saudi Women Get the Right to Vote
Promises, promises.  Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah may have decided to let women vote in 2015 and to
Fashion Statement with Suzannah Roach
Goodbye to another season of fashion shows...
So the summer is officially over.  Goodbye to festival season until next year and how I hope it’s
Weeknight Entertaining – When the Kids Come Too
Fish Tacos with Griddled Vegetables
Weeknight entertaining isn't all about adult-only sophisticated soirées. Sometimes you find that