Patricia McLoughlin

Will Robots Exterminate Our Jobs?
The robots are coming
The robots are coming and they will be taking many of our jobs by 2030 according to recent studies
Dashni Morad - Love Wins
Dashni Morad
If you are from Iraqi Kurdistan, your beloved father swam and walked from Turkey to Germany to make
The Listening Room
The Listening Room
How many of us would want to talk to someone who had gone to prison for the senseless killing of
Stage Side
The Dresser
NEW PRODUCTION OF THE DRESSER Director Sean Foley, Producer Mark Goucher Most of us
Karen Guthrie – Up Close
Director Karen Guthrie
Director Karen Guthrie talks to Patricia McLoughlin about her new film, The Closer We Get, dealing
Every Day Off School
One in four refugee children is enrolled in secondary school
Jon Platt has his £120 fine for taking his daughter on holidays in term time overturned and the
Fashion Farce
High Heel Debacle
Thousands Petition Government It is a very long time since my first newspaper editor banned
Sitting Out The Stats
Sitting Out The Stats
So if you’re a parent where do you stand on the seven-year-olds’ Standard Assessment Tests (Sats)
Acropolis: Curse of Athena
Acropolis: Curse of Athena & Wind of Hermes  Two volumes by Philip Wooderson Olympic
Limnisa - A Real Writer’s Retreat from the World
A Real Writer’s Retreat from the World
Looking out across the Saronic Gulf, atop terraces of crimson bougainvillea, if you don’t write