George R Vaughan

Entertainment Stop!
Entertainment Stop!
Taken 2 If ever there was a case of taking things too far then Taken 2 starring Liam Neeson
Bake Your Way To Their Heart!
Mini heart mould
Thanks to those wonderful people at Paul Hargreaves Associates (PHA), we’ve got the perfect prize
Katie Cole - Born to Rock
Katie Cole
With an abundance of new talent set to challenge for our attention this year, it means the
Entertainment Stop!
Entertainment Stop!
Looper Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in this time travel movie that is highflying
Entertainment Stop!
Entertainment Stop!
The Sweeney The Sweeney was one of 70s television’s most popular series and it spawned two
Entertainment Stop!
Entertainment Stop!
Total Recall 2012 This remake of the 1990 Schwarzenegger cult movie only differs slightly
Toys for Kids!
Snackin Safari
Elefun – Snackin Safari If your kids, like countless others, have had fun with the Elefun
Speaker Sense
Orbitsound T9
The trend towards thinner and thinner TV screens might make them more living-room friendly but it
Nintendo’s New Baby!
The new Wii U
Nintendo’s Wii console was a huge global success that saved the company and catapulted the
Clara Bond – The Chase is On!
Clara Bond
Clara Bond is no stranger to the limelight. As she tells me when we meet on a less than pleasant