Why are More Women are Turning to Gambling?

Technology has given ease of access to gambling

Why are More Women are Turning to Gambling?

The trends these days show that more and more women are turning their heads towards the gambling industry. For a long time, it was a foray of men. Women chose the more conventional National Lottery and bingo games.

In years gone by betting shops were not generally visited so much by women as men, the subjects related to betting were pretty male-oriented, ranging from activities of horse-racing, football, or snooker.

All of this is changing fast. And the reason is quite clear; the rapid technological increase is changing the preferences and possibilities for women to play. Especially with mobile casinos, women are getting hooked to various casino games. Here are a few suggestions why:

Accessibility of Casino Games

Technology has given ease of access to gambling where you can play at a time and place that is convenient to you.

You can gamble on your phone, tablet, laptop – at a little break at work, while travelling, or even late at night. In the times of rapidly budding technology, it is literally difficult to give up the temptation of playing casino games. This is the reason why women are gambling with greater frequency, even in the traditional forms of betting.

Gambling like shopping

Young women with money to spare are now gambling. According to a specialist in addiction counselling, it is “escapism in a tough world.” Our modern, stressful lifestyles have increased the need for seeking fun and excitement. Women start gambling to have fun. This also helps them escape feelings of loneliness and boredom, which they tend to feel more frequently.

Also, games appear to be ‘harmless’, we find It feels thrilling, almost like shopping. But here you are earning money instead of spending it and plus you are having fun.

Gambling Advertisements all around

The presence of advertisements everywhere has also given a boost to the gambling industry. Gambling ads are everywhere – TV, social media, billboards, bus stops and train stations. These ads are also sometimes very female-oriented. They focus on appealing female lifestyle choices of fun, friendship, loyalty, glamour, independence, or power to attract maximum female population.

Gambling is portrayed as a social activity now. It is better called a ‘girls night out’ plan. One can have a gala time and win money while enjoying with friends.

According to the gambling commission report, women account for 25% of gambling addicts. This percent will certainly rise if the data also accounts for online gambling.

Poppy Watt