Who Gambles Better – Men or Women?

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Who Gambles Better – Men or Women?

While imagining a casino, the most basic image is of men dressed up smartly in their sharp tuxedos, betting intently with their girlfriends and molls at their side. Put the blame on the movies or the assumptions of the society, but women are considered nothing more than an entity in the gambling world. Obviously, this suggests that the men are better gamblers when compared to women. But, this assumption may not be entirely true. In fact, women have a strong connection to gambling- be it the land-based casinos or the online casino games such as online Blackjack.

Women have been giving competition to men ever since the 18th century, though it wasn’t appreciated back then. In the modern century, women are very confidently making men chase their money at casinos.

Let’s now look at some facts related to women and gambling and bust some myths.

Online Blackjack, gambling and women in the ancient times

There are countless examples of women involved in gambling in the ancient times. In fact, they just not played but excelled in the game of chances. There are certain records of women gambling in ancient Egypt and Far East. The Vikings men and women, both, were passionate about gambling and never lost an opportunity to test their luck.

Though with time, jobs became gender-specific and gambling was then considered no fit for women. In the 18th century, eminent women gambling hoarders such as Buckinghamshire, and Luttrell, and Mmes Concannon and Sturt decided to do something to keep their passion alive. They started operating Faro tabled from home, hence providing the women to gamble in secrecy. Sadly, their secret couldn’t be contained for long and they were shamed in the local newspapers. But society failed to stop Women from gambling.

The mind game

The prominent reason behind keeping women away from gambling was the outdated notions prevalent in the society. Men were superior to women. They were strong, intellectual and rationale. Women, on the other hand, were meek, emotional and hysteric. Hence, they were considered unfit for the game. The reality is quite the opposite. A study conducted by the University of Tel Aviv established that there is no difference in the functionality of the brain of men and women. The studies proved that no traits are exclusively masculine or feminine.

Online gambling

Women contribute to half of the online gambling community. The number of women indulging in online Blackjack is not only surprising but also, motivating other women gamblers. And this has been established by the study conducted by Division of Gaming Enforcement of New Jersey. Not only do the women indulge in gambling at online casinos such as Casino pros, they are also the active players at these casinos.

However, a certain difference in the choice of game adopted was observed. Women tend to indulge in more of the casino games that called for less socialising and strategic skills. They preferred bingo and online slots. Men, on the other hand, indulged in online Blackjack and poker.

Obviously, men don’t have the sole right on the gambling industry and the days when gambling was considered unfit for women are gone. Women are proving themselves worthful gamblers and are taking the casinos by storm.