The Virtual Reality Revolution Has Arrived

The Virtual Reality Revolution

Was there ever a match made in heaven like Virtual Reality and gaming? The gaming industry was always the most obvious area that VR was going to revolutionise.

That revolution is now well underway – so much so in fact that it is estimated that by the conclusion of 2017, the VR gaming industry will be worth over $5billion.

With advancing computer graphics, gamers will now be able to immerse themselves in several of their favourite titles and genres. As VR continues to evolve, systems will stray away from traditional games controllers and instead, dedicated handheld devices will be the norm.

Many thought Virtual Reality would be nothing more than a fad, however, the industry is just getting started. The biggest names in the video game industry are now going in on immersive, headset-based experiences. 

There’s the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s new super weapon which is both VR and 4K ready, Sony are also investing heavily in new VR titles for PlayStation and Intel are even coupling VR and eSports. The likes of Fallout and Skyrim have now gone VR and fans are loving the immersion.

VR has had such a profound effect on the gaming industry that the online gambling industry are now getting involved. The future of a few casino timewasters is definitely bright as the industry continues to hold a steady momentum.

Now, the number of bets from both VR and Augmented Reality online casinos is set to grow to some £423million in the next four years. VR may well be the future of online casinos; online gambling generates some £3billion annually in the UK so the fact that VR is set to make a sixth of that figure speaks volumes.

Much like gaming, online casinos go through constant evolution and growth and now, VR can be the driving force of that growth. VR online casinos have opened up a new spectrum of the base of players, thus producing growth in the industry by 10%.

VR will certainly help to draw more players into online casinos and widen the online gaming industry in general. Players are likely to prefer playing from the comfort of their own home, or a friend’s rather than spending money heading out.

VR portals provide numerous positives to the online gambling industry regarding both marketing and customer experience.

In both games and online casinos, VR transports players to exciting locations without them having to leave their home. If a gamer wants to experience the bright lights of a Vegas casino or the glamour of a Monte Carlo casino, they can do so and can even order drinks and take in the view of the city whilst doing so.

A spin on the roulette wheel has never felt so real from your own home and there’s some authentic sounds to match.

For now, VR is the next big thing in the technology sector and both online gambling and gaming are fast joining in on the act. With this, it would be naive to not expect massive things from both VR gaming and VR online casinos - it’s the future of both industries.

Poppy Watt