Overcoming a Life of Obstacles

Life is amazing

Overcoming a Life of Obstacles

Life is amazing.

We are lucky to experience this moment in time. The experiences we have, people we get to know, and struggles we face add to the journey.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Lao Tzu

I rather enjoy this quote because it helps me realize that the anxiety I feel is often caused by those elements out of my control. The elements I shouldn’t worry about. It also tells me that some changes are from within – those actions I can take today to create a new lifestyle experience tomorrow.

I’ve been through it all:

Death of a loved one

A devastating breakup

Loss of a good job

It’s taken a while and may have slowed me down but I can honestly say I’ve come out a better person after having experienced these situations. They weren’t fun but they grounded me because it made me realise I needed to be a better person. I needed to be myself.

It’s all a process to recovery and betterment.

Truth be told – the path to a better lifestyle is easier than you’d think. It doesn’t take some mystical, religious journey in the East or giving oneself to a higher power. It comes from within.

Let me explain…

Removing the Vices – When you’re going through troubled times you generally want the crutch of vices like smoking, drinking, and other activities. It’s not worth it – believe me. These hinder your improvement. They’re dangerous. You must be real about what’s happening. Grit through the troubles. Seek outpatient drug rehab if you really need to. Succumbing to vices will stunt your chance of improving. Nip in in the bud sooner than later else you could find yourself hitting rock bottom where the difficulty of getting out is even harder.

Finding a Place – We’re social animals. We strive to find tribes. The Web has connected us in unimaginable ways to vent our frustrations and find support. Online communities are a fantastic outlet to connect with others in similar situations. It doesn’t need to be face-to-face. The comforting words of a stranger are often all it takes. I recommend every individual going through troubles to seek communities online. It’s like therapy but on a grand scale. Something someone says will eventually ‘click’ and cause a great change in your lifestyle. I guarantee it.

Fitness – The typical advice after every major breakup or devastating life event is usually the “start exercising”. It’s not BS. Exercising will raise your mood and increase your confidence because you’re becoming physically healthier. It’s a great goal to keep your mind occupied. It doesn’t mean you need to be the next, great athlete – just that you’re getting active. Believe me. Exercise creates a routine that will lift you from your funk.

Negotiation – When we’re down we can become reclusive. Now’s not the time. We should push forward. Negotiation can be a game changer when it comes to careers and relationships. It creates a new form of transparency in the communication. Practicing negotiation, even when you feel introverted and broken, is going to do more for your future success. You will become direct, driven, and dominating. This carries over into every interaction once you learn the techniques and let go. It creates confidence and that’s the true path to recovery.

It can be tough – I know – but it happens.

These troubling instances aren’t something to spur giving up. There’s so much more to experience in this wonderful world. All it takes is a little nudge back on the right path. There’s a time for grieving and a time to act. That action is now.

Poppy Watt