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FOM London - Skin like Silk

Your skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days, and will change constantly, for better or worse.

If you want it to change for better – you need to take care of your skin.  This protective organ is at its best when treated with the right balance of stimulation, protection and nourishment.

FOM London skincare have formulated a range that focuses on enhancing the skin’s natural renewal cycle to promote healthier more rejuvenated skin by restoring texture, hydration and elasticity – all with the aid of silk.

Silk says luxury and beauty, and has done for thousands of years. The fabric feels sensual, and now silk’s liquid extracts can help to protect our skin’s natural moisture.

FOM founder, Zaga, wanted the best ant-ageing skincare solutions for herself and her family. She wanted to produce a 100% naturally renewed radiance from within, without compromising on the scent, texture and performance.

Her Antioxsilk collection features an advanced skincare that is highly concentrated in silk, botanical antioxidants and adoptogenes.

Silk is a superior protein made up of more than 20 types of amino acid, with an extraordinary ability to absorb moisture into the skin, allowing supercharged botanical antioxidants in their formulations to absorb UV rays, It supports the normal synthesis process in the skin which promotes cell regeneration for improved elasticity and resilience, as well as increasing the collagen production in the skin.

Silk has a high biocompatibility with human skin and forms a protective breathable film, which shields the skin from harmful environmental influences.

The FOM London skincare range is free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, urea, mercury, lead, colours and the products are never tested on animals. FOM is a British company with their own manufactures in England where the FOM London Skincare Founding Team developed the products.

FOM always choose fresh, clean and sustainably grown botanicals and natural liquid actives and all products are packaged in 100% recyclable glass.

So, how did I get on when I tried one of the FOM London signature products, the anti-pollution skin supplement Essence.

A liquid formula, with the consistency of a facial toner, it is applied directly to a clean skin.

It’s simple to use, just a couple of pumps to a cotton pad and gently smoothed onto the face and neck. You can use it morning and evening after cleansing.

The product nourishes and moisturises with a base of silk, while juniper and sage help protect and detoxify your skin, as well as providing a base for further creams or serums. Other natural ingredients, such as raspberry and guava leaves, aid skin toning and regeneration, and it has a natural, fresh scent, which is natural and extracted from the plants. Guava leaves also help reduce redness and dark spots.

Result?  It does leave my skin feeling soft, smooth, fresh and toned – so now I can say I have skin like silk……

FOM London Skincare Anti-Pollution Skin Supplement Essence 100ml RRP £32.00

For more information visit www.fomlondonskincare

Poppy Watt