A Fashionable Day at the Races

Dress code at the races

A Fashionable Day at the Races

Fashion is one of the most important elements for women for a day at the races. In fact, classy racecourse fashion has become one of the biggest trends that sets the ladies apart from the girls. A day at the races must be well planned, to ensure that a stunning outfit with matching hat (that nobody else will be wearing) and stylish shoes is guaranteed to get admiring glances.

The Cheltenham festival is one of the UK’s most renowned events in the South West, where flocks of people watch some of the best horseracing in England. Betting companies thrive on this racing event and people who know how to spot a winning horse can make successful bets at the Gold Cup 2017 with Paddy Power – that last and best day of the Festival sees some of the best horses in the world compete. There’s no need to waste valuable champagne drinking time at the races, all bets can be placed beforehand online and if you’re unsure you can always bet for your favourite horse name – Native River, Empire of Dirt or Sizing John, take your pick! There’s no shortage of memorable moments, even if you don’t manage to win on every race!

Women’s fashion over the decades has transformed at the racecourse. The Flapper period in the 1920s would have had ladies wearing dropped-waist dresses below the knee, vintage hats and fitted lightweight coats – a style that was elegant, sophisticated and smart. But now fashion has so many different elements to it, what would women look for nowadays?

The Hat

Ladies’ hats are the most focused fashion statement in horse racing. If you’re invited to a day at the races, the hat is often the first thought. Ascot Ladies Day is one of the most prominent events where women showcase some of the most unusual and flamboyant hats on the market, many of which would have been personally designed for them. The hats range from oversized Edwardian hats, large brightly coloured floppy hats, pillbox styles, hats with seductive nets, elegant hats, dainty hats and overly embellished hats. It’s a case of ‘anything goes’ and the more you dress, the more you impress! Flowers, butterflies and feather creations are also popular, and some hats could almost be described as fancy dress! The hat is the statement and often chosen first, before the dress is picked out. What’s for certain is that a lady’s hat in racecourse fashion must have the WOW factor…

The Dress

Racecourse fashion is guaranteed to be designer wear, either sleek A-line black or light pastel numbers. Pretty, floaty summery dresses or unusual hand-sewn fabrics embellished with sequins and beads are regularly seen at the racecourse. It seems the more extravagant the dress, the more it will be noticed and the higher you are held in regard. Whether you’re going to the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Epsom Derby, the Grand National at Aintree or Royal Ascot, choosing a dress to wear can be almost as time-consuming as finding your own wedding dress! Of course, the weather is an added consideration and ladies must ensure they have suitable coverage in case it’s not such a glorious summers day. Katherine Hooker, a designer who has made clothes for the Duchess of Cambridge, says that her clients usually go for smart, tailored and warm coats. She remarks that they often won’t choose over-coats and instead prefer a more elegant, tailored style. Ladies are advised to always wear a stylish ‘comfy’ shoe and to avoid stilettos or heels that will have the soles of your feet screaming in pain by the end of the day. Low sandals or kitten heels can be just as elegant to complete the outfit.

Fashion is the one of the most important elements for ladies having a day at the races, so long as you have a striking hat, the designer outfit and elegant shoes that you can spend the whole day in, you will most certainly look the part!

Poppy Watt